Irrational fear, the unknown and MS

As most of you know I’ve been feeling halfway decent. Still deal with spasms but not near as intense as they have been in the past. I have been working out, eating healthy, gardening and the occasional golf game.

I have been feeling human. Go team Alex!!! This team Alex consists of many different characters. I have my hubby and kids. My bestie Jan and my group Then I have my imaginary cheer squad that cheers me on in my head. Just kidding I’m not completely crazy. I do have to say team Alex gets me through some tough times.

Here lately life’s been pretty damn good as far as pain goes, so I shouldn’t complain or worry.

I have been dealing with urinary issues and have visited my urologist several times over the past couple of weeks. Originally the dr thought I may need an implant to help me empty my bladder. I went for a Urodynamic test. That test showed that my bladder was working. It also showed that I do have to use my stomach muscles to urinate and still do not empty completely. It was also noted that I have a small bladder as well as a small urethra. The game plan is they’re going to stretch/dilate my urethra. The dr said even with an implant it may become ineffective as my MS progressed. I didn’t think having the implant put in and have to have it removed if the time came to where it didn’t work. So that’s the game plan. Stretching my urethra is less invasive. It seems like a no brainer for me to go this route.

Back to my original thought. I should be on top of the world right now. Feeling pretty good. Doing the things I love like working in the yard etc. Instead I’ve had this nagging fear. This fear is sitting in the back of my head. I keep worrying that winter will come and I’ll be bed bound yet again like last winter. Last winter was horribly painful. The cold was deep in my bones and the spasms had been out of control and overwhelming. I remember thinking and saying several times ” I just don’t know how much more of this shit I can stand”. I admit it has been sitting very heavy on my heart and mind, it’s stealing a little of the joy I should be experiencing with the good weather.

I hadn’t spoken to my kids or hubby about it because they’d think me foolish for not just enjoying the moment while it lasts. This is the cold hard facts of MS we never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s legit to be scared of having to relive a bad moment in time when you have a debilitating disease. I did speak to one of my dear friends Melissa about it. I’ve known her since my teen years, we went to school together. She knows me prior to being sick. She also suffers with MS and handles it like a champ. She got it, she understood where I was coming from completely. She told me she too worries at times that she’ll have to relive painful moments given all she’s been through. It was great to get this concern of mine off of my chest. I appreciate her friendship more than she knows.

When asked for advice with an overwhelming issue I always say “give it to God” I think it’s high time I follow my own advice and just give it to God. I need to get this nagging monkey off my back and let God handle it. I need to live in the moment and not fear the future. All I’m doing right now is short changing myself and worrying about what might be. For all I know this coming winter might not be so bad.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas reading this and wish everyone a happy healthy and safe weekend.

Faking wellness

I titled this as such because I have been known to pretend really,really well.

It all started last week. One of my husbands co-workers stopped by the house. She was not invited and did not give prior notice.

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If me or my hubby are in the yard it does not mean we’re up for company, rather just in our yard.

But being this lady is a co-worker I held my tongue. This task is very hard for me as you all know. She pulled up and got out of her car. Hamm and Sampson were as shocked as Lance and I.

Hamm starts barking letting her know she made a big mistake and Sampson being the big goof runs up and starts jumping on her. What did I do? I called Hamm away but that was all the assistance I was willing to render. Lance eventually got Sampson to stop jumping on her. I asked Lance to kennel Sampson inside. He did, while he was away she comes over to say hi.

I’m cordial but annoyed. I said hi how are you! etc. She then goes on to tell me she’s so sorry. She had the most mournful look on her face. Kind of like I had recently had a death in the family.

Me being me said “what are you so sorry about?” She says I’ve heard you’ve been having health issues. While it was very sweet of her to offer her condolences regarding my failing health, it pissed me off beyond belief. My response was “don’t feel sorry for me I’m more able bodied than most healthy people”. She then fumbled over her words. I then interjected and said “I’ve had this a long time and am pretty damn durable. No need to feel sorry for me”. I don’t think she was insulted by my curt response, at least I hope not.

I really hate that people feel the need to be up in my business. I went on to tell my hubby I sure hope you’re not making out like I’m on deaths doorstep because I’m not. He said he didn’t and really didn’t know where she was getting her info.

Enough of that little annoyance.

I started my membership at the gym and have been doing pretty good. Nothing nuts, but feel I’m doing good and making progress getting back some muscle.

At that gym there are all walks of life. It’s not a bunch of models or guys out of muscle magazines. Just normal average joes/janes. There is big,small,tall and short. There’s one guy that is blind. He has a guide dog and trainer and seems to be doing well. What does this do for me? It makes me feel like my cane is no big deal.

Yesterday I did my little workout and at one point a lady said to me. You look good, what do you do? How long have you been working out here? I told her I recently joined. She said “wow what do you eat?” I said veggies, a lot of veggies. Which is true. I do eat a ton of veggies.

What I didn’t tell her was that I don’t eat a lot because nausea keeps me from wanting to eat. Remember when I said don’t envy the skinny girl she may be sick? Never envy anyone, you don’t know their struggles. I didn’t bother telling her I had MS,  I wanted to be normal for a bit. I usually try to educate people, but after the whole uninvited guest the other day I just couldn’t deal with another pity look I just knew she’d give.

I may or may not tell the her truth if I see her again. I may just keep it to myself. I am an advocate for us MSers. I do try to educate people. But damn it was nice not to be the sick lady in the room.

Working out is going well. I really appreciate my son getting me that membership. Had he not I wouldn’t have spent the money, only because I wouldn’t want to waste the money if I couldn’t go.

But since he did, I know I’ll be more apt to use it so he wouldn’t have wasted the money. He paid a year in advance so I am going to make the most of the year ahead. God willing I’ll rejoin next year. Still trying to get my footing and into the habit of going. It’s a process, and I’m determined to if anything give it 💯

Happy Friday folks, make it a good one and have a great weekend.

Under Pressure….

Under pressure, its a good majority of how I felt in life. I have a great family, God knows. But to say I felt under pressure would be putting it mildly. My dad put a lot of pressure on me as well as my sissies. It was hard, I know I felt I could always do better. To say that he was the most awesome dad would be putting it mildly. Not that he was perfect by any means, but he was a great man. He loved his kids like a mom would have, although I had a great step mom or mom as I call her. My dad was a good man. He had his faults, God knows. But he was a great dad.

My Da had high standards, for that I’m thankful; but was he harsh? Yes, he was very much so. I remember getting poor grades on occasion and the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Now I know that was anxiety. Anxiety from feeling less than. Feeling I should have done better.  I remember his disappointment in me. It was crushing to me. He was a huge influence. He was very smart and very much a go getter. I had a high standard to live up to.

I remember my Da had a bring your kid to work day with the MTA.  It was great! I went to work with him, I was about 8 years old. We went and met his co-workers. The look of pride on his face when he introduced me was fantastic. He was so proud of me, it made my heart swell with pride. He brought me to his area where he worked and tried to explain what he did. In all honesty I didn’t get it. He was, of course, trying to explain it to me in technical terms, which I didn’t get. I again asked; Da but what do you do? He told me, he and several other men held up the train so other men could work on it. Silly enough I bought it. It sounded plausible at the time. In my eyes he was the strongest man ever. He was my Da, 10 ft tall and bullet proof, of course he could lift a train.

We left and went to lunch, it was a great day. He said ” Sandy (that’s what he called me) what do you want to do when you grow up?” I said ” I want to be a lawyer ” he said that’s a very good job, you will do very good.” Probably because I can be very argumentative.

I remember watching this video as a teen and thinking I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I remember watching this and identifying completely with this video. I didn’t have any real pressures the only ones I had was fitting in socially and my da’s expectations. Now looking back I hate the stress I put upon myself.

My da wound up putting money aside for my eduction to become a lawyer. I remember him proudly showing me his bank book telling me ” this is for you, to go to school”. I have to say it was quite a bit of money that my Da worked really hard for. Did I become one? No, I didn’t. I wound up having two wonderful boys that would make him really proud. What I myself became was a pretty damn good mom, wife and woman as a whole. Do I wish I had done what I told him to make my Da proud? Absolutely, he would have been super stoked about it. I wound up continuing his legacy by making two awesome young men.

My Da wound up moving to Florida and I was for the most part his caregiver. He had Alzheimers and was quite the hellion at times. We got very close and I came to understand a lot of his ways of thinking. He wound up telling me a lot of his life and a lot of the reason he thought the way he did. I’m really grateful we had that time.


When I wound up sick my dear old Da told me I didn’t get it (MS) from his side, and that I got it from my Ma. That hurt more than I could say. Yet another disappointment to him. Even though it hurt me more than I can relay, I get it. He was from different era. A time where being sick was shunned. He didn’t want to think my illness came from his genes. I get it, it still hurt, but I understood his thought process.

My Da was a HUGE influence on me as, is my mom (Lee), who is still in my life to this day. I know at the end of the day I make my Da and my mom proud of me being a good momma and person as a whole. Sometimes the pressure we put upon ourselves in senseless. I put so much pressure and wasted so much time worrying I wasn’t living up to expectations. Ya know what folks? I did live up to everything and everyone. I raised great kids and did a little good in the world at times, and for that I’m proud.

The pressures continued, with my boys, with life, with work, it’s always continued over the years. They probably always will.  My point is the pressures of yesterday wind up being memories. Some good some not so good, point being the pressures of today will pass. Do the best you can, and you’ll always be a success.. Whatever you do give 100%

If anything, I hope my boys know they have always lived up to my expectations and have always made me proud.

Pumping yourself up mentally and why it’s important.

As I lay in bed contemplating life and all of its idiosyncrasies, I think to myself am I going to let this day slip by my like yesterday did? Hell no, If anything I’m going to try.

Yesterday was a bit rough, but I got through. I laid in bed most of the day and didn’t do squat. I was never one of those people that could rest easily. Now I find it a have to, on more days than I care to think about.

I remember back before I progressed. I remember getting up for work and thinking damn this shit has GOT to get better. I was able to pump myself up mentally and get my ass out the door for work.

Well it didn’t get better. If anything it got worse. I’m not complaining because this is par for the course for some MSers. Did I think it would happen to me? Absolutely freaken NOT! I thought I was 10ft tall and bullet proof. Unfortunately my body had another plan. The plan was I would progress to the point I had to leave work and have to rest more than do productive things.

I’ve always been really good about psyching myself up to conquer certain goals. Thankfully I’m still good at this little mind trick of mine. These days I find I have to psych myself up to do little things. I literally pump myself up mentally to shower or vacuum the house.

Even fun things take a pumping up like getting in my yard to garden or play a round of golf with the hubby.

Today I’m going to pump myself up to go to the gym. I cancelled with my son yesterday because I just couldn’t manage. Today I WILL manage as best I can. He’ll be patient as he always is. Thankfully my kids have a realistic grasp on most of my limitations. Every now and again one of them will come out with something silly and I’ll have to break it down for them.

This gets a bit old, but how can they really understand the full scope of how my body feels? They can’t and that’s ok. I don’t mind explaining to them.

People don’t generally get it. Even other MSers sometimes don’t get it because they’re not dealing with the same issues. I admit I too was one of these people. I would look at people and think….damn they just gave up. Well I can vouch for those people at this point. At no time have I given up, but my body isn’t complying at this point. There are days all the mind tricks just don’t work.

The point I’m poorly trying to convey is you don’t know until you know. Now I know. So I’m going to pump myself up and attempt to do the gym thing. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Happy Friday folks let’s keep it positive.

Don’t Stop Believing…..

Yesterday was a good day. Got up, showered (much needed) did my hair and felt pretty decent.

My plan was to bring my hubby lunch. My friend told me the Prime Rib guy food truck was going to be at the sheriffs office today. The S.O is literally 5 min away from my house. Hot damn I thought, I’ve been dying to try it. So I figured I’d bring the hubby some lunch.

Now this is something a lot of people don’t think about. Having MS for so long I’ve looked at all angles of the disease and how it effects my family. I always try to make sure I’m always present in their lives and try not to make everything about my disease.

With something that’s always in the shadow (even on good days) it’s easy to be consumed by it. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!! We worry A LOT about what tomorrow is going to bring and forget about today. This is NOT healthy. We worry about the what if? Well worrying about the what if ruins the today.

As I stood in line for the Prime Rib guy I talked with several ladies. I felt semi human. It was great. I am a Chatty Cathy when I feel decent. I will say if I’m not up to par and feeling really bad I don’t talk and can be a cranky. I don’t want to put across that I’m always chipper because I’m not. I’m human and have good days and bad.

So I was bringing my cutie lunch. Gotta keep the home fires burning, and all that jazz. I always say keep your spouse fed and F***ed as best you can. I’m not saying I’m the dynamo I once was. But I still make the effort and my sweetie appears very content. If you do make the effort then it’s on them completely if they step out, because you’ve done your part.

We have to make sure we don’t let that sneaky bitch get the better of us. We are much, much more than MS.

So I brought my sweetie lunch. You would have though I hung the moon, he was so happy. It’s good that he appreciates my efforts as it keeps me making the effort.

Later in the day that little stinker Daisy Mae got a hold of her cast yet again. It’s ok. I had an appointment on Monday to get it removed anyway. So I brought her in and now she’s free. Free at last! She’s very delicate with it but I’m sure it’s still tender and she has to regain the muscle that she lost having the cast on.

Went to sleep later and woke with nerve pain. Eh, between that and the steroids I was wide awake. I heard Hamm start crying and wound up taking them to potty and kenneled them again. I vaped and went back to sleep. Thank you Jesus!!!! I slept and woke ok. Woot woot. It WILL be a good day.

So Saturday begins. Life is good. Vision is pretty good and I’m not in mind numbing pain. I say thank you Jesus because that’s my belief system. I don’t push religion down anyone’s throat but that’s my gig.

I remember when I was first dx’d I had recently started back at church and then got sick. Being back at church and my faith got me through those really tough moments.

When first dx’d I prayed and prayed some more. I was raised pretty religious, pentacostle of all things. Everyone knows I’m a hellion, used to drink too much and still curse like a sailor. But with all of that, my beliefs are still the same and I have a huge amount of faith.

I know some folks are mad when diagnosed. I think I was just too scared to be mad. I was deathly afraid of the unknown. I am after all a control freak at best. This unknown was kicking my butt. I truly needed to give it to God before I lost my shit. So I gave it to God then and I give it to God now.

This last flare leveled me, changing my life beyond belief. I’m a completely different person than I was just a year ago. It’s ok I gave it to God again to get the pressure off of me. I saw it was ok for my life to change. It wasn’t in my plan but wound up being he plan made for me. I’m ok with that. I’m adjusting pretty well. I don’t feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and am transitioning into a very chill way of living. No more racing around for work or racing around for anything. I go at my own pace and find it much more peaceful.

So my long story was to give some advice. Give your stresses to someone/something else. I’m not saying Christianity is for everyone. Do your own thing. I don’t care if it’s your Buddhist, Muslim or whatever. I don’t care if you you believe in sponge bob. Just give the stresses of this disease to a higher power than yourself. Whatever works for you, will be better than beating yourself up over a situation you can’t control.

There are so many things about MS you can’t control. You can control your meds, food and exercise. Work on what you can and give the other things to that higher power. It will carry you though. It has me. Not that I’m a poster child for MS or religion but I do think I cope rather well. Not saying I’m a perfect Christian. I’m not. I have a filthy mouth and can act pretty shitty when prompted. But when things get tough and I feel overwhelmed I give it to my higher power.

With that I end this entry with enjoy your Saturday. Make the most of the weekend. Do something nice for someone. It will make a difference❤️

I scoff at pain and then it kicks my ass

The beginning of the week was pretty ok. Pain has been present but not horrible. I’ve been staying busy trying to keep my mind off of the normal daily pain. I worked in the yard. It was great. I was a happy little beotch.

It was the anniversary of Bob (my late husbands) passing. I used to get very down and upset over this anniversary, but now I’ve reached the point I can think back and smile and remember all the fun times we had. He was a great man, wonderful husband and dad to his own as well as my kids.

We (my children and I) learned a lot from him. He was a very wise man. He was 20 yrs my senior and full of wisdom and life lessons that I’ve taken with me. My boys and I are very thankful to have had him in our lives.

So I was chugging along having a good couple of days. The temps are mild and I’ve been able to garden. Life is good by golly. Spring is usually my time to shine. That and fall are my best times. It’s not terribly hot or cold. I can actually move about like a regular gal.

I hadn’t taken baclofen or tramadol in 4 days. I was so happy. I was dealing with the normal pain and feeling ok. Woo mother effin’ hooo!!!! It’s amazing the amount of pain we MSers can get used to. As I’ve said before I hate taking pain meds. It’s never good for the body. If I can go holistic 💯 I definitely will. All the drugs come with side effects as well as damage our already frail ,damaged bodies. So there I was feeling like a G!

Then out of nowhere my right arm locked up. I couldn’t move my arm away from my body. The pain I was having was brutal. It took my breath away many times over the past day and a half. I was at the point of going to the hospital for morphine. In the past when I’ve gotten locked up I’ve went to the hospital and that’s how they would treat it.

It was spasms that would NOT release. I could barely breath through the pain. I laid in bed yesterday overwhelmed by the pain. I laid there thinking. I can’t do this shit. The pain is going g to drive me absolutely crazy. I kept thinking there’s no way I can get away from this shit!!!

I had plans with David to run errands etc and Jake came over in the morning. He does most morning. I love that. My kids always making sure to check on little momma. Well it turned out I could barely get out of bed. But I did because if I do anything I’m going to at least try to hide some of this shit from my boys.

They think I’m indestructible so I keep on keeping on even in the most horrendous of times. But with things like they was yesterday I had to fess up and cancel with David.

It broke my heart to have had to do that. I NEVER cancel with my boys. The pain was unreal. I couldn’t fake it for even a minute. But I did get out of bed. So there’s that.

David understood and Jake went across town to get me tiger balm in hopes it would help. David went and got me food and they both made sure to help me through the day.

As I got through the day I got on Facebook and let my buds know I was NOT in a good way. I try not to complain but yesterday and the night before was unbearable. I needed good thoughts and prayer. I had one of my friend remind me to take copaiba oil so I did. I also put my tiger balm on smoked my MMJ and took pain meds. Nothing was touching the pain.

I took all my meds as well as a ton of MMJ. I was thankful to have my MMJ. Everyone should have access to it. No ones ever overdosed on marijuana. Im so tired of hearing the bullshit of “it’s a gateway drug.” I smoked out as a teenager and never took part in harder drugs. If someone is going to dabble in hard drugs or become dependent on drugs it has to do with the individual, not if they smoked pot in the past. I’m here to say I never had an inclination to do anything harder than smoke a little pot. Even that i didn’t do for many years until I got so sick I had to. Remember, I worked in law enforcement for many years and that is a strict NO, NO.

So this was me the night before last.

I’m totally NOT ashamed. I wish all the ignorant people that think marijuana is evil could feel my pain for just one day.

I was suffering something horrible. What do I do when I’m hurting? I call my mom. We prayed together over the phone That always makes me feel better. I always say from Lee’s mouth to Gods ear. My friend Jerry also asked his sweet wife Pam to have her prayer group pray for me. This meant so much to me. The friends and family keeping me in prayer truly touches my heart. Good friends and family are worth their weight in gold!

I talked to several of my Facebook friends that was checking on me. One of those friends is Lesley. She’s a doll. If I could manage travel I would definitely go and see her. She’s a very smart and interesting lady. She has Primary progressive MS. She handles her illness with grace and a bit of a warped sense of humor, much like myself.

When talking to her about pain she said her level on a good day is at a 10 and on a bad day past a 16. At that moment I immediately felt ashamed for bitching and whining. She’s not ambulatory any more and her pain level is worse than mine. Meanwhile mine is at a 6-8 on a good day and at a 13/14 on a bad day and I can still walk.

I’m still able to enjoy some things. I enjoy my gardening and still go and do on occasion. I really have no reason to complain. Things could always be worse.

The thing with MS is you never know if a bad situation will get better. It doesn’t always. Sometimes the rough patch stays and you don’t get back. I admit I was really afraid yesterday was going to be long lasting. I have had times like these that have lasted several weeks at a time. I am so thankful this one is passing.

While there are people that do a lot better than I’m currently doing there are far worse cases than mine. I need to still be thankful and praise God for the good in my life.

I admit as horrible as yesterday and the night before was. I’m thankful for all the peaks and valleys in my life. I don’t feel 100% today but I’m better than yesterday. That valley I was in made me appreciate this somewhat peak of feeling a bit better.

I have to say if MS gave me anything it was a true appreciation of every little thing in my life. My friends, my family my little house and my crazy pups.

My son wound up getting me as well as himself a membership to a gym. I love the fact that my kids are like me. They never lose hope. Even though I could barely move, my boy has enough faith in me to see that I’ll push through and be able to make the most of that membership. I’m hoping to get in that gym and get some muscle back. I’ve lost so much muscle mass this past year it’s ridiculous.

So MS won for a day and a half, but this bitch(me) is far from done. I’m doing better, not great, but better. Tomorrow is another day and I will continue on the upswing. Wish me luck and keep me in prayer. They’re always appreciated❤️

Keep it moving…..

So I’m laying in bed nauseas AF. Pain in my arm yet again, but at least I can move there’s that. All in all I’m doing ok. I’m sure this will pass. Good days and bad days I’m used to it. Blah, blah, blah. lol

Me and my eldest went to the gym the other day. I didn’t set the world on fire but I tried and I’ll continue to try, because my da didn’t raise a quitter. That and I know that I’m giving my kids a HUGE lesson in life regarding fighting through the hard times. I know my kids will remember that their crazy old momma kept on keeping on:)

I’ve said before it’s all about the life lessons we leave our kids. This is one I think is important so I try to lead by example. The other is kindness. I try as hard as I can. I try until someone flips my bitch switch. Then it’s another story. But then I am only human. So….

The other is work ethic, this is one of the many my Da passed to me. I think my boys get it. They work even when they’re sick or not wanting to go. It’s part of being a productive member of society. I’ve told them about being a productive member of society since they were little boys. I’m sure they’re tired of hearing it.

Back to the kindness lesson. I try my level best not to be mean spirited, but I do have an opinion, and by golly I feel my opinion is as legit and worth hearing as anyone’s.

I came across an article regarding Molly Ringwald and her newfound social consciousness. I didn’t agree with her timing on how she now sees things from a more socially conscious perspective.

I get that she’s older and looks at things differently. That’s great!!! It really is, but the fact that it took her 30 yrs to see something that was obvious years ago is shocking.

Ok…Ok maybe she wasn’t mature or street savvy enough to get it back then. I’ll buy that. Sure…Ok. But 30 years?

My comment was something regarding her jumping on the socially aware bandwagon that a lot of people are jumping on. I’m not a fan of jumping on bandwagons. I go against the grain. While I do agree with her newfound awareness, I don’t agree with her timing. I’ve never been one to do things because everyone else was doing it. Sorry…not really.

It was my opinion. I didn’t state that opinion to get harassed by nay sayers. I gave my opinion and that was it. I wound up with 40+ comments on that opinion from people that literally argued with me over it.

The whole time I’m thinking really? Why do these people care what my silly ass thinks or says? It’s not like I’m a politician or even a public figure. I’m just me. Little old Al with a fucking opinion.

I thought well damn either these people are either true blue fans or related to her. I can’t imagine why anyone would go through an argument with me over my opinion. It was ridiculous! People trying to beat me over the head with their opinion.

I thought wow how pathetic are they to think their opinion any more important or more correct than mine? It’s an opinion that’s all it is. We wasn’t passing laws or making any real impact on society, it was just an opinion. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and theirs is no more special or on mark than mine.

What I wound up realizing was that these people was self important, arrogant hot heads. I had a couple of women get really squirrelly with me. At that point I had to get a little shitty, but not too terribly bad. I told one lady to keep it moving and just scroll if she didn’t agree with what I wrote. I wound up telling her it was funny. She asked what was funny? My response was, she was taking my comment as a personal assault which made me laugh. She then saw the silliness and stopped. I hope she saw how ridiculous the argument was.

There were a couple of others that got silly as well but nothing as silly as that one. I did have another comment on a blog accusing me of jumping on the MS bandwagon. I found her laughable as well. She accused me of jumping on the MS bandwagon. I said heck yeah I am. It’s drug me along for 14 years. I may as well jump on. She doesn’t have a clue as to my story and wound up looking a bit silly, but I got a chuckle out of it, so it’s all good.

In the end I had a couple of people comment like grown people. People with a brain that wasn’t in need of anger management,that actually made sense. These people had BRAINS. I appreciate an actual discussion vs. someone trying to force their opinion down my throat.

It wound up making me look at things a little differently. I appreciate those people. I still think poorly of old Molly for not saying anything until now. But I’ve never been a huge fan of hers anyway.

My point to all this babble is to say it’s ok to agree to disagree. It’s also ok to keep scrolling. I know there are a ton of things I see that I do not comment on. I have an opinion and a right just like everyone else. The quickest way to get me to dig my heels in is to try and force me to see things another way. So keep scrolling if you don’t agree with something. It’s just an opinion and we all have one.

With all that being said I hope everyone has a great Friday. Keep it light and keep it moving.