Happy Endings

Well last night ended with spasms upon spasms, as well as nerve pain. Remember it’s cold and I have cold intolerance. The past few days have been pretty busy (which is not my normal). Folks don’t really understand that any upset of my apple cart comes with consequences. Well last night was a doozy.  I went to bed around 10 pm. Pretty average time to go to bed right? Well that didn’t last long, I was up at 11:30 then 2:30 then again at 5:00 am.  At that point I say fuck it. I’m up the nerve pain and spasms got the better of me last night. That tricky bitch (MS) was at it again.  My legs were on fire.

So my day starts, I get up hating life at this point because I’m exhausted. I think to myself, someone might get an ass chewing today.  I try to play it cool when my hubby talks to me. After all who wants to wake up to an irritable bitch. Picture it, I have my crazy side ponytail going on, my big fluffy robe and my signature cheetah slippers. I can be found wearing these any time I’m home.

So off to the dogs bedroom, because yes they have their own bedroom. Everyone is happy to see momma.  It’s great, it doesn’t matter how much I’m suffering with IBS (Irritable Bitch Syndrome) they’re always happy to see me. I get to filling food bowls. Hamm first, he’s my fat ass and always starving. Hamm is getting old so I humor him and feed him first. Then wiggles (who is also a senior dog) he can be found facing the wall wagging his stump because he’s going blind. This always gives me a chuckle. Then crazy Daisy and Sampson. Everyone’s fed and the DH walks them. He’s a saint on days like today.

I’m trying to hide my IBS but am answering his questions a little short because I’m cranky AF! He see’s through my facade and asks why are you being so terse?  Meanwhile in my head I’m pretending rather well not to be an asshole. The jig is up, my IBS is clearly visible. I try to change my piss poor attitude but it’s kind of hard when you’re working on not so much sleep.

A lot of us MSer’s suffer with severe fatigue, some of it being caused by lack of sleep due to pain throughout the night.  So I think to myself this day will turn around. Always the optimist, I head to the bathroom to attempt a BM(bowel movement) after all yesterday I went to the bathroom fine, no laxatives or anything. You’d have never known I had an issue in that area. But today was NO happy ending for this girl. As I’m sitting there on the can waiting, I thought about the Seinfeld episode with the soup Nazi, I thought about him screaming NO POOP FOR YOU vs. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!

Yeah these are some of the things that run through my head. It’s ok though it keeps me chuckling. So today is starting as  a no poop for you kind of day for me, but it’s bound to get better. I hope…….

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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