Sleep Depravation and Cog Fog


Sleep deprivation makes for a cranky Al,

So last night was yet another up down experience.  Me with spasms and just a feeling of malaise. Then my hubby doing the up down to pee. I’m pretty sure I only got about 3 full hours of sleep.  So I will sleep walk through the day as I have done time and time again.  With lack of sleep comes Cog Fog.  This is where the MSer is so sleep deprived from pain etc. through the night that they have an extremely hard time thinking and has a  legit issue with cognitive function. This happens to me often.
My poor hubby has work. I feel worse for him than I do myself. I’ll be napping in a bit while he tirelessly teaches high school physics. Luckily he has good students that actually want to be in his class. But still teenagers are not my idea of good company.  I know I sound like a mean ogre.  I’m not, I just have little patience these days.  Sorry… not so sorry.

Teens today seem to lack respect as well as common sense. They lack respect because their parents left it for the schools to teach. Well guess what folks?  It’s not their job, it’s the parents job teach respect and discipline their child.   So if they don’t have respect you probably raised a jerk.  If you’ve raised some respectful children kudos to you mom or dad.  I’ll assure you, you’re the rarity.  But like I said Lance deals with some good kids that do not give too much guff.  So my sweet hubby starts his day and I start mine.
All my crazy pups are happy to see us both. We feed them, we we have to sit in their room while Daisy eats. With her cast on she has to wear the dreaded E-collar, which we take off while she eats and if left alone she will destroy her cast. Yep, she has us trained well.  Everyone eats and does their business but Miss Daisy Mae?  She has to be walked on a leash since she hit that car. Can’t trust her to act like a respectable lady dog.  She’ll go flying into the road hitting cars and what not.

While we’re sitting there patiently waiting for Miss Crazy to get done eating Lance reads the news. He brings an article to my attention, it’s about how to know if you’re in a successful marriage. We got 8 out of 10 on the list, he beams with pride as he tells me. This warmed my heart that he took the time to look at the article and be interested. He is a really good hubby, I love him dearly. Not to say we hadn’t had our rough patches, because we have, God knows we have. We have both forgiven our not so nice times and moved on. He has shown me over and over again that he’s going to be there for the long haul. Even with seeing the very ugly side of MS and has chosen to stay and love me through it. I appreciate him more than he knows.
Miss Crazy gets done eating, so Lance and I get together, I put on her homemade boot over her cast (so her cast doesn’t get dirty) and Lance puts on her pinch collar. She hates the pinch collar but it’s a necessary evil.  Even with a broken leg Miss Daisy Mae can still drag us around the yard. Yep she’s an ass at times, and a strong one at that! Lance and I joke about how we’re like a pit crew where that dog is concerned with all the preparation we have to put in.
Success!!!She shit like the lucky little princess she is. As we tell her what a good girl she is, she prances around, head held high and looking like royalty.  I love her, she’s a bigger diva than I could ever be.

So now I’m thinking how I’m in need of a good BM. This may be TMI but the past couple of days have been just little rocks. I drink a ton of water and eat fiber so that’s not a problem. I also take probiotics and Magnesium citrate pills to help with this issue. So now I wait…..
Luckily I have no plans today so I’ll try and catch up on some sleep. It’s been a weird week ever since my couple of appointments last week I’ve been a tad out of sorts and feeling my MS in full force.  Feeling like crap always makes me a little anxious. I get anxious because I’m not sure what’s heading down the pike. When I don’t feel well I worry this is going to be it…I’m going to wake up unable to walk. This is a common concern for us MSer’s.  Like I’ve said before MS is a tricky bitch.  It’s a valid fear, as I’ve seen time and time again. In my rational mind I know I’d get through it and make the most of whatever gets thrown my way.  I just really don’t feel like taking on a new normal.  This last new normal was a bit trying.
So the day goes on…..
Lance and I are back in bed talking before he goes to work. I hear the kitchen door open, who could it be this early in the A.M?  It’s baby Jake!  He came over to see me before heading out of town. No he’s not going out of the country this time. He’s just going to Georgia for a little get together for a friends bday.  I got to say it pleases me he feels the need to come and see me before heading out. It makes my heart happy.
He’s a happy go lucky ball of energy.  He comes in and the house is buzzing with laughter and silliness. He really is a live wire. My eldest David is my reserved, tender hearted, no nonsense, go to son and Jake is the wild child, have a good time and full of laughs. They definitely keep me entertained. David acts like me and Jake is just like their dad Big Dave.

He’s a character to say the least. A good dad with a heart of gold. Most people don’t care for their ex’s, thats not the case here. God knows we’ve argued over the years but I still hold him in high regard. He still has my back when it comes to the boys.

Last year Jake was going to NY for a visit with a young lady friend of his. He didn’t want to stay at his dads while he was there since he was going with a friend. He wanted to stay at a hostel. Well this particular hostel was in East NY. East NY is a very rough area, filled with crime and drugs. I told Jake this wasn’t a good idea. He blew me off. So I talked to Big Dave about it. Needless to say he convinced Jake not to stay there and to stay with him and Elaine. Thank GOD! I’m sure Jake could take care of himself, but I didn’t want him bringing this young lady to this area and God forbid having an issue.

Well enough of that bit of history, I may be rambling. It happens when I’m tired. I went back to sleep for a minute and Mr. Wiggles (my Olde English Bull) was in my room snoring like no ones business making it impossible to sleep. I thought to myself, that’s it I’m putting all of them down tomorrow! I sometimes tell them that just to make sure they know they’re walking a fine line. Don’t worry folks, I’m only joking, I just say it more for entertainment purposes.  So I’m regretfully awake but I guess I shouldn’t complain it’s better than the alternative.

BTW BM Accomplished today WILL be a good day!

So lets get this party started folks! Happy Thursday, lets make it a great day!

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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