Life lessons,what are you passing on to your kids?

IMG_5368I start this entry with Life Lessons, What are you passing on to your kids?

I ask the question because as we all know our kids are our legacy. They are what we leave to the world long after we’re gone. We of course want to leave it (the world) better than we found it. We want our children to make a difference in the world, we want them to be productive members of society. When the kids was little I told them many times “we all have to be productive members of society.” They didn’t know what I meant when they was little, but as they got older they understood.

With that being said I’ll talk about my son baby Dave. Baby Dave has work today, he woke sick as crap.  I asked him are you going to work or are you going to call out? He say’s no, I’m not calling out, I’m heading in right now.  I said ok just make sure if you get worse you go home, they’ll understand. I’m pretty proud of his and Jakes work ethic. It’s the same as mine and was of their step dad Bob.

My Da had a hell of a work ethic that he passed down to me and my sissies. I remember him telling my older sister Sylvia some very sound advice one day when she was about 19. She had been out the night before and was going to call out of work because she was tired.  He said ” you shouldn’t call out sick, they wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t need you there”. This stuck with me. I was only about 10 but I can still remember him saying it like it was yesterday. She wound up going to work because she had a great deal of respect for our dad. When he said something we listened.

This is one of the life lessons I passed down to my boys. I told them that story about my da many years ago. A couple of years ago my son Jake repeated that story back to me when he was sick and getting ready for work. This pleased me greatly.

Life lessons are HUGE with kids, they mirror us quite a bit. I’ve seen some good traits as well as some not so good traits in my boys. Like when they’re sassy, I can’t really complain though,they get it from their momma. If I’m anything I’m sassy. But what I’m saying is we need to instill the important things like a good work ethic, a loving home, tight knit relations with family, how to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Treat the janitor just like you do the CEO of a company. Those things are more important than anything. We seem to have gotten away from this.

If I say anything I can say the most useful life lesson my da passed down to me was to be a hard worker, not to expect anything for free. You get what you put into life, so give it your all.

I wrote this for my dads funeral, It was the life lesson’s he passed down to me. I was honored to give his eulogy, he was a great dad.


The love of my father got me through some very difficult times in life.
The love of my father made me feel love when I felt all alone in the world.
The love of my father made me be the mother I am to my boys.
The love of my father taught me to be a hard worker even when I felt too sick to do a whole days work.
The love of my father taught me the pride in my appearance, because Dad never went anywhere looking anything short of fantastic.
The love of my father taught me to live my life with a zest and not worry about other peoples opinions. Because at the end of the day it is MY life.
With the love of my father I will get through this deep loss with my head held high and a smile on my face. Beacause with the love of my father I learned that even in death you can take the good memories and persevere.
And last but not least with the love of my father I will continue to teach my boys the strength, pride and courage my dad instilled in me.
Bendicion Da I love you always

With technology being in the forefront we seem to have forgotten about the important things. We’re so busy looking at our phones that we forget to interact and actually TEACH our kids. I’m glad I raised mine before things got stupid or I’d probably be guilty of this too. I’m not judging I’m just passing on useful advice.

Years ago my baby Jake had a project in school. I think it it had to do with what we give to the world. This is what he made, at that point I knew he had a clear understanding of how things should be. And yes I still have it:)IMG_5433.JPGIMG_5434.JPGIMG_5435.JPGIMG_5436.JPGIMG_5438.JPGThis is something I’ll treasure forever. I know my boys will treasure the life lessons I passed on to them. Now I’m not saying I’m the perfect momma, I know there are many things my kids could complain about. My yelling like a lunatic for one as well as I’m sure many other things. But I think for the most part I’ve been a positive role model for them. They’ve seen me and their step dad work even when sick, love fiercely, and treat people with kindness and understanding.

So please if I impress anything upon to my readers, please take your responsibility of raising children seriously.  When you’re gone everyone else has to deal with them. Lets make it a positive experience for all involved. Happy Monday folks:)

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A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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