I got a fever… and the only prescription is Cowbell

So the other day was a cowbell kind of day. Not sure if anyone will get that and I’m probably telling my age by sharing this.
Years ago there was a SNL sketch called cowbell. It aired in 2009. It featured Christopher Walkin, Will Ferrell and several other guys. It’s a really funny sketch. Every time I watch it I laugh hysterically.
The cold puts me in quite a bit of pain leaving me in a funk. When dealing with pain we have to find a bright spot. My bright spot is cowbell.
I’m pretty good about getting myself out of a funk. My go to is pulling up that sketch. It cracks me up every time. The other day was a dose x 4 of cowbell. I also shared it with my Sissy and my bestie Jan.

The hubby came home and we watched it again. He too is a fan of the cowbell episode.
I see people in different groups upset or angry about the different issues with MS. I get angry too. I get pissed off at my body and the different circumstances I find myself in with this disease. But then I think how can I turn this frown upside down? You guessed it, cowbell. Being silly and laughing a bit goes a long way when dealing with the different stresses we deal with. I also get chuckles with my stinky pups. But some days just call for the big guns, so cowbell it is. I encourage everyone to find their happy/silly spot.
It’s so important to laugh on the regular. My hubby and I have a lot of those silly times.  The other day I wasn’t in the best of moods so he put on Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. We sang like idiots. But when we got done we was laughing our asses off. I’ve seen in different groups where people condemn others for having a silly attitude or talking about the positive things going on in their lives. I’ve seen people write it’s probably all bullshit. I can say in my case its not. When things are good I say it. When things are bad I find something to make myself laugh or just stay quiet. Don’t get me wrong I have problems just like everyone else, I’m not saying I don’t. I just would rather focus on when things are good. Trust me my hubby and I argue as do my kids and I. I have horrible times with my MS, but I don’t concentrate on those. Negativity breeds negativity. I actually unfollowed one of my groups today because of the nasty attitude several of them have. I have a twisted sense of humor and post some crazy stuff, but I’m keeping it as positive as I can given my circumstances. We all have rough times, just don’t unpack your bags and live there. We’re only given a short time here so lets make the best of it.

Today was a good day (woo hoo go team Alex). My dog Daisy is driving me crazy but it’s not a far trip.  Yesterday was a painful/spastic day but I made the most of it and it wound up pretty damn good. I didn’t even have to pull out the old standby cowbell.

I would also like to say I do this blog as a diary and also to help newly diagnosed MSer’s NOT for self promotion or monetary gain. Its no more self promotion than let’s say a live video. It’s something I feel is very important. We all need to laugh a little and if you laugh at/with me thats great. That just means I’ve added something of service to this world. There’s no monetary gain and not looking for pity by putting myself out there. just stating the facts as I see them:)  Happy Friday folks26907874_10154989564686945_3180052502418714215_n

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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