We are THAT crazy family



I start this with that title because we are legit “that” crazy family.
I should start with saying we came here to Panama City Fl 23 yrs ago. We’re originally from Brooklyn NY.  Needless to say we as a family stick out like a sore thumb. The boys have acclimated pretty well. They’ve adjusted to a southern lifestyle. They say yes ma’am and no sir and have excellent manners. But those two are still and all NYers. Twisted,quirky and funny as all get out. They would go back to NY every summer and every other Christmas to visit their dad, stepmom and siblings. They had a well rounded childhood in my opinion. To hear them tell it it was just an ok childhood, mediocre at best. . Whatever. lol

Well enough of that background. The other day started kind of  blah. I woke and went to feed my sweet pups, little Daisy Mae gave me a run for my money. That pup gives me the business on the regular. I swear she reminds me of me, tall,brown and sassy. She didn’t want to eat. She pulled the same crap the day prior.  Needless to say I was getting worried. After dealing with that crazy heifer I get to relax.

I skim through FB and see where a fellow MSer from one of my MS groups passed away. Now THAT put me in a funk. People as well as dr’s say MS doesn’t kill you. It’s not like it’s cancer etc. well I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit. People with MS young and old die from complications due to MS. So yeah you can die from it. If you didn’t have it you wouldn’t  get the complications. So yeah in essence we die from MS. I know with myself every time I aspirate I worry I’m going to get pneumonia. I do this a lot. I do it while sleeping as well as when eating and drinking. We get urinary tract infections pretty regular which can turn sepsis and cause death.

I’m 47, kids raised etc, if I did kick what can ya do?  I’ve already led a full life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to check out, but ifI did, I’ve led a very good life. But young people with this disease makes for a very sad situation. The man that passed was way to young to go.

So I was in a funk.  I wasn’t cowbell funk. But a blah funk. Having the thought of a fellow MSer passing sitting in the back of my head. I shuffle around the house a bit and my son says come on mom lets go to the tanning bed. I didn’t really feel like it but I figured it might brighten my spirits some. We go tanning then he takes me to lunch at  Moe’s.  Jake calls and meets us. There we sat being the loud Yankees we are, laughing and cutting up. We was “that” family 💯 .  We went to Target and did some shopping. Retail therapy is always good. Those boys made me laugh so hard with their shenanigans.  They both have a rich sense of humor. Coming out with snarky comments left and right. This pleases me, in my opinion a quick wit is a sign of intelligence. Those boys are very quick on the take.

They have it in txt as well, I get random txt that they include me in, group txt which I’m not a fan of unless its from them . Not sure why they do it, I guess to keep me in the loop etc. I’ve never questioned it because it actually makes me laugh. Like why would I care if Becky got pregnant or why would I care if Joey was stepping out on his gal. But it makes me laugh all the same. Here are some funny txt I thought you’d all get a chuckle out of.

15420886_10153975037031945_6250601767242083794_nthis was me telling David not to come over until 10:30 because I was working 1:30-11:30 at that time and of course someone woke me up.

998370_10200144805198424_1825919959_nthis is one where David had my phone. Jake was telling me about his haircut, he legit thought it was me texting this. Like i’d ever talk to him like that lol

14355167_10153748942726945_7254728208144261550_n.jpgme asking David to come over because I was feeling really badly.


Evil and bitch wine. The boys thought I should know there was an appropriate wine for me.


Then there are the serious times. Times where I’m hanging on by a thread. Times I think I can’t do this. But my sweet hubby and kids pull me through



This was plasmapheresis, the flare I had going on was way too tough for the normal oral or  IV steroids. Plasmapheresis filters the blood. I’m not sure how or why this works for MS but it did help in my case. I had to have a line placed in my jugular, a line is run to the heart. While placing this they hook you up to a bunch of monitoring equipment. That equipment sends a message to the cardiac department as well as sounds an alarm if something is going wrong during placement. The dr. also has a screen he’s watching while placing it.  When they went to place this it was very early and my family hadn’t arrived. I was ready to get it over with so I told them “ok lets roll with it”. Little did I know I would be crying by the time placement was over. Picture it I’m in my hospital room, they prep me, making the area sterile so not too get infection. My head was covered so I couldn’t see what was going on. The dr numbed me and started with placement. All of a sudden my heart started hurting and I shit you not I thought I was dying. All I could think was NOOOOOOOOO my family isn’t here!!!!!! I actually said this out loud to the dr. and nurses. My blood pressure was dropping. The nurse got a call from the Cath lab down stairs that my BP was dropping. They was getting messages letting them know if there was an issue, so they could respond if need be. Amazing how advanced we are these days. The dr. adjusted the catheter and the line was placed. There’s only been one other time I felt like I was legit dying. I was on an interferon and it was causing my liver major issues. Kind of crazy how the body knows before we’re even told.

My family is definitely THAT crazy family and thats ok, because our crazy light hearted silly way of being keeps me chugging along. If it wasn’t for us being THAT crazy family I don’t know how I’d cope.

I hope some of our craziness brings you a chuckle. Life is short so laugh a little while you’re here. BTW my boys are grown, 28 and 25 hopefully the language doesn’t offend. They are after all grown men and as long as they’re not cursing at me I’m good with it.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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