You all say sweaty. I say glistening


I used this pic because I look like a sweaty madwoman in it and that’s ok.
So as I sit in my dogs bedroom I’m having a legit conversation with Hamm (my fat ass pup) as to why he has to be there. See crazy Daisy my GSD isn’t eating very good here lately. Except when Hamm is there. The only reason she eats is because she doesn’t want him to get her food. Hamms a hog and she knows it. So I sit there explaining all of this to him. He looks like he understands. He’s a good old boy and complies. Every time he goes to walk off she goes away from her food. Then I call him back. She quick like runs back to her bowl feverishly eating. This gives me quite the chuckle.
It’s been a long day, I started a new chronic illness group. It’s for fun, positive interaction. It all started when I was part of another group and saw some really shitty behavior from one of their admins. She is nothing more than a cheeky cow as a friend of mine called her. I loved that expression!  She was a bully to several of the members. I couldn’t stay there and see her horrible behavior and not speak up. The old Alex would have dog cussed her, but the new Alex the new self reflecting Alex watched and waited until I couldn’t take no more. When I knew I was ready to get gone, I contacted the other admin and let them know what a deplorable character they had working as an admin. It’s never ok to be shitty to people regardless if your sick, rich/poor or the CEO of a company you have no right to treat people badly. At the end of the day we’re all the same thing, regardless of our situation, we’re all human, flesh and blood.  After I got it all off of my chest I excused myself from the group.
I started a new group.  A group with a positive and funny vibe. One where people can go and laugh a little. We all need a break from this and other chronic illnesses. So I started it, put the word out and so many people showed interest. This pleased me greatly. So be sure to check us out if you’re looking for a laugh or two the name of he group is sofaking:sick and tired of MS. It’s a play on words as my last name is King, I hang out on the sofa a lot these days and I’m so fucking sick and tired of MS. The credit for the name goes to my son David, he’s a smart young man I tell ya.
Later in the day my little duckie Jake came over for a visit. Between him and David they keep Lance and I chuckling. It had gotten pretty cold as the day progressed. It was 51 degrees and my body was stiff and I got a chill about me. I have a problem with body temp. My internal thermometer is off because of nerve damage. I started having tremors and spasms with chills. I was freaken freezing!! All that and I started sweating. It was a shit show for sure. The night before I woke up dripping in sweat while shivering. Back when this first started, when I was first dx’d I thought it might be menopause. How silly am I? I’ve been wishing for menopause for years.  After 14 yrs, I see these night sweats are not menopause. I asked a nuero a couple of years ago why this happened?  I got dead eyes and a rambling answer before he finally brought up my internal thermostat being off kilter because of lesions. Causing Disrupted nerve signals can cause confused sensations, such as suddenly feeling extremely cold or hot when there isn’t any logical reason for it.
Well ok all I needed was an explanation.  Thanks doc all I needed was an answer. .
MS that tricky bitch is still showing her ass as usual.
BTW I’m still waiting for menopause, it can’t get here soon enough.
So today is a new day and my group is taking off the members are a bunch of chill funny people, that I’m sure will bring me hours upon hours of chuckles.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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      1. Definitely good too have a back up plan. I held on to my old one just in case. It’s in the garage collecting dust, but I promise if this one goes out I’ll be cleaning that bad boy off and using it. lol

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