A little help could really make a difference.

So today started pretty normal, with the exception of my hubby getting up to feed the dogs without me waking.  He’s such a sweetie, he was able to get out of the bed and tend the dogs without waking me up. Go figure he’s the one that works and should be sleeping in. Instead he went about the chores letting me rest. When I did wake up I had a raging headache. That’ll learn me, being a lazy lima bean does NOT pay off. I think I may have slept too much. Regardless I appreciate my hubby’s thoughtfulness.

I wasn’t going to let a headache ruin my shine. I got up, talked to my bestie Jan for a bit and talked to another very sweet and very wise friend about looking at things from a different angle. She is super sweet and very sharp. Definitely up there on my go to list of people for advice. I had a great chat with both of them and then got ready for my day.  All four of the pups in high gear running through the house is quite the sight. They have a big time and a very good life here at the pup preserve. The joy those pups bring is immeasurable.

We head out, stop for Kambucha at Target where they always have a good deal on them. I get the 2 for 5 deal they had on one. I’m always out for a good deal. I flat refuse to pay full price if I don’t have to. While most brag about how they spent XYZ on an item because it’s pricey, I’m the opposite. I may not be working for my money these days, but my hubby works his ass off for every dime we have. So I go for the bargain. Ive always been proud of my frugal ways. Bring it to the register, ring it up and its 5.74$. I read somewhere where people had been getting over charged at the self check out at Target. Well by golly it wasn’t going to be me. I call the lady over and tell her my merchandise was being over charged. I did this in haste (note to self slow down before making yourself look stupid) I didn’t realize that was with tax. Oy, I felt like a dumbass before it even came out of her mouth. I apologized and she chuckled. Got out of there with a quickness, because I felt like a moron. Oh well at least I made the clerk chuckle.

Lance and I head to St. Andrews (which is considered down town) one of my fave parks is there and that’s usually where we go for walks. It’s right next to the marina. I love that area. It has an old town feel to it. The older I get the more I appreciate stuff like that.

We’re in luck, they have the sidewalk market going on. It’s a really cool Saturday thing they do throughout the Spring and Summer. They (vendors) sell fresh veggies, Art, crafts, homemade soaps etc. You get the picture. It’s a nice daytime thing to do if you have nothing going on and we didn’t, so it made for a nice chill Saturday.  It was bit chilly so we looked around and left.

We then went on Beach drive. Beach drive is beautiful, there are gorgeous (Victorian style) homes across the street from the beach. There is a little spot where us common folk who don’t live there can park and get out and walk the beach. This is considered a small beach but isn’t our beach, beach. No condos or anything there. It’s more of a residential area in town. So we get out after having our songfest in the car. Lance and I do this a lot. We have the same taste in music. It’s a big time, but probably would be torture for people to listen to, so we keep it for times when we’re alone. You’re welcome:)


We had a good time and I got my dose of sand in my shoes. So we scooted out and headed for home. It was a bit chilly and I didn’t want to run the risk of getting spastic from the cold. Thats always a downward spiral it seems. I get cold and my body gets tight and the spasms start and don’t stop. I got out while the getting was good.

I get home, pups are very happy to see me as always. One thing about dogs they’re always happy to see you. Whats not to love about that? So David comes in and tells me “Mom that lady was here to see you” I’m like what lady? you’re going to have to be more specific”.  Sometimes I think he just does this to get my goat. It did. He tells me that lady you helped a while ago. I get to thinking and then I remembered. I didn’t post about it on social media because I can’t stand when people do the right thing and then brag about it.

I’m only sharing because I think this is a positive story that may encourage others to also do the right thing.  Several months ago Lance and I are in our usual position on the couch, when we hear a knock at the door. It’s neither of the boys, because they both have keys. I knew it wasn’t Jan because she always calls before coming. Who the hell could it be?  Well it was a woman, she had a bike with her and looked like she was going through a rough time, she was thin as a rail. She said ma’am I hate to bother you but I’m hungry. I told her to hold on and have a seat on the porch because my dogs are very aggressive. She understood since as we was talking the dogs was trying to get at her. They’re a mess. But they’re my mess, so don’t judge.

I went inside, made her a couple of sandwiches got her some bottled water, feminine products ( just in case) and a new toothbrush and travel toothpaste (I keep them just in case someone stays over and needs one) made her a little care package. I don’t ever keep cash on me but remembered I had a 5 in my purse. I asked lance and he had a couple of singles. Gathered all this together and brought it to her. She hugged me, thanked me and blessed me for my efforts. We talked a bit and she said she had somewhere to go but she was just so hungry and knew she needed help. She said she was going to bring me the money back, I told her no worries and I was glad I could help.

When she came back to see me and I wasn’t there David greeted her. She went on to tell him she got a job on the beach and was living at a local apartment complex. I have to admit I never expected to see her again, but I am sure glad she came by to let me know she was ok. For weeks after she came by I thought about her and worried. It left me very sad that this woman was going door to door looking for help. When David told me that I got choked up that she took the time out of her day to come see me and let me know she was ok. I hope she comes by again, I’d love to chat with her. The night she came by I remember wondering if any of my neighbors opened their door to her. Doubtful though, because of the way people are these days. That lady just needed a little help and the little bit I did made a difference. I always say today is a gift, cherish it and do something good for someone, they’ll remember it.

So I leave this entry with please do your best to do a little something to help your fellow man. You don’t know their circumstance, so you can’t judge.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

6 thoughts on “A little help could really make a difference.”

  1. In case you had even a fragment of a doubt that what you put out there comes back to you, this…THIS IS PROOF!… I’m glad you had a good day! Chats with friends are fun, singing in the car very relaxing and energizing at the same time… I don’t have much experience from the beach, but can imagine the time in the sun is incredible too. I am glad you had a good day, you put good out there everyday, I’m glad to see you had it reflect back on you!….and dammit you made me get a tear in my eye about the lady you helped….it’s a good tear…way to go alex…and way to go to her for taking the time to come back to you. Hope today is a great one for you!

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      1. I smiled when I read that and hoped it was me 🙂 and I am sure the “little” bit you did for her was bigger than you can imagine. Have a great day hon…and keep doing a little bit… HUGS

        Liked by 1 person

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