Compassionate Usage and MS

The topic I’m writing about today is Compassionate usage. With all the articles out there about different states suing because of opiate fatalities. I think this is something we all need to look closely at. I got approval several months ago, but finally got my card in the mail yesterday.

Most of you know I used to work for a local police department. I am a law abiding citizen, and haven’t been in too much trouble over the years . Not saying I never have, shit happens. But all in all I try to stay within the parameters of the law. I wasn’t going to smoke and God forbid have an issue with law enforcement because I’m sick and needed relief.  I’ve talked about this last flare in great depth. This last one brought me to my knees, the pain wasn’t even touched by the opiates the dr. had been pushing. Yes, I say pushing because every time I went they’d give me more scripts for more opiates. The last straw came when the neuro prescribed Tramadol ER. With that particular drug one of the side effects is death. Not only is death among the side effects, but there is also info stating you can die from the first dose. When I read this I was like WTF? Does he think I want to check out? I didn’t take the first dose, because yes I was chicken shit and didn’t want to die.

I heard from a friend that suffers with severe spinal pain there is a local, holistic dr. that would evaluate and get me signed up for Medical Marijuana. I was desperate, the pain was so bad I got depressed. People that know me know I’m a chipper gal so this was completely out of character. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m deathly afraid of getting addicted to pain meds. Ive seen this downward spiral with loved ones and it wasn’t going to be me. No one gets addicted to marijuana so I feel very safe vaping or smoking.

The thing about it is, it’s not paid for by insurance. Even though it’s proven to benefit us MSer’s Ins. doesn’t cover the dr or the script. The dr was a 400.00$ get in fee. Like who the hell has an extra $400.00 laying around? I’m not currently working, have a mortgage and other bills to pay. Who stepped in when I told her? My sissy thats who. She sent me the money, so I wouldn’t have to charge it or delay any bills to get with the dr. My honey and I aren’t broke by any means but just like most, live paycheck to paycheck, and now we’re down to one paycheck in the house.  We still do fun things and eat out way too much. My sissy knew I was suffering and looked out for me. So now I just pay for my script and the dr visits which is 90.00 every time I go, which thankfully is no big deal. But what about the other people?  The ones that don’t have family to step in and help them? The ones that can’t get it because of their state law? That coupled with all of my other dr bills copays etc would be a strain on anyone.

This is gross negligence at both the state and federal  level. To leave sick people suffering is disgusting as well as unconscionable. The dr’s prescribe these drugs because they have patients begging for help, they have no legal way to help people but to prescribe these poisons.

I don’t care to smoke every day, but when shit gets real, I’m more than OK with firing up my vape. The one I ordered has a high THC level, so it makes me tired. I only smoke when the pain gets stupid and I am going to bed.

My sweetie wasn’t real happy about me sharing this info. But if I’m anything, I’m going to tell the full story and not sugar coat.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

17 thoughts on “Compassionate Usage and MS”

  1. I live in Texas and have been fighting MS for seven years. I smoked marijuana in my younger years and after having children only had it occasionaly. I have recently reintroduced it into my system – at first it gave me horrible anxiety. I do not know if it will ever ever be legal here in Texas but over the last month it has been my only relief for muscle spasms. I do not have an easy time with over the counter meds – I am one of those – gets every freakin side effect on the bottle kinda gals. Thanks for sharing. I feel so alone with this.

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    1. Me too. If there are side effects to be had I’m definitely going to get them. I got very anxious the first couple of times I vaped. Only because I hadn’t smoked since I was a teenager and smoked too much and wound up scared because I was too high. Lol. Now I just take 1 or two puffs off of my vape and go to sleep. I do think I need a lower concentration of THC because I get really drowsy. I’m going on 14 yrs with MS. It’s been a long dance with this disease. I refuse to be tied to opiates for the rest of my life.

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      1. I agree… Why mess up our liver and kidneys… ??? What a hot mess we already are… Bless you for putting the shit we never want to say out there… Can’t wait to read more. I hope one day I can share with you my vaping experience as I’m tired of commiting crimes by purchasing weed here in Texas lol.

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      2. I hate for anyone to risk of getting popped for being sick and needing relief. It’s shameful and cruel how we’re made to suffer. I had quite the scary trip the first time I vaped. I was a mess. lol


  2. have you guys read she has been using mmj (medical marijuana for over a year and would almost swear most of her symptoms have been helped. ) just a thought it you want to check her out. I do see medical marijuana some time down the road for me, but 1. I cant afford it now, and 2. I am on too many other drugs that I want to clear out of my system 1 at a time to see if the mmj really works for me…3. I hate the paranoia from smoking street weed.

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    1. I’m such a wuss I got paranoid from the MMJ. Lmao. In my defense I hadn’t smoked since I was a kid. I don’t smoke a lot but would definitely like to be completely off of all opiates. Right now I just vape on occasion. MMj is pretty pricey. Scripts are cheaper. But on days when meds don’t work MMJ definitely comes through for me. Thank God!!!! I can’t wait for the day Ins pays for it. I probably won’t see it in my lifetime I don’t believe.

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      1. I’ve learned just to go to bed after. They do have different strains though.They have some with lower THC levels so us light weights don’t get super high. Lol. That’s what I’m going to get next time.


  3. I have heard a lot about THC being helpful for MS patients. Unfortunately the state I live in won’t make it legal which is ashame! Maybe I am a little too much of a goodie goodie but I won’t buy it illegally, I wouldn’t do well in jail:)! You do whatever helps you and I am so glad you have found some relief!!!!

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    1. I’m with ya. I wouldn’t buy on the street either. I know too many cops and would die if I got hauled in for copping pot. lol It is a little relief I just have to find the right one for me. Going with lower THC should work out, I think.

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      1. Thanks for the info girl!!! I think the government is making too much out of how “dangerous” it is! I guess I do not understand why anyone would say it is dangerous, when it helps cancer patients every day!!!

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