Super Bowl Sundayyy

So it was super bowl Sunday. Do I care? Absolutely freaken not. But my hubby gets into it so ya know……

There’s are things I cook on most super bowl Sundays. I wasn’t planning on doing any of it, but changed my mind. The family loves those snacks, so what the hell. After all I did get out of the house on Friday quite a bit and spent Saturday recovering from that. So on Sunday I got up,showered, put on my face and took the pic above for my chronic illness support group.

We do Saturday and Sunday selfies. After all who doesn’t love a selfie? I love seeing their faces. I like it because I think it makes things a little more personal. So selfie done and I carry on with my day.

My son buys the ingredients for my finger foods I make on this very important day<- insert snark here. I did revise some of what I make because the kids are vegetarian these days. Got everything going and laid on the couch.

I was doing ok. I slept good the night before. I put doterra copaiba oil on my legs and I didn’t have near the nerve pain at night. Woot woot.

I felt pretty good, I attempted to vacuum but got so winded I had to stop. Luckily my hubby is a team player and took over. You know….4 dogs and all leaves a lot of dog hair. I had to lay down and rest. So rest it was.

I got a message from one of the gals in the group. She’s a sweet girl I’ve known forever. She suffers with RA. This literally hurts my heart that she’s so young and has to deal with this. I have to say she handles it with grace and a smile. She has a very good support system. Her parents are lovely people that I’ve known forever from when I sold cars.

She’s messaged me to let me know she was doing a LIVE video in the group. Go Kristen!!!!! I was stoked. I’ve done several and have been encouraging everyone to do one. She did great!

It wound up being really good weather. I wanted to enjoy the day, but stamina was not my friend yesterday so it was a rest and see kind of day. I spent the day wall walking around the house and leaning on the counters because I was really weak.

Apparently the steroids didn’t do that much for me this time.

Lance and David kept saying lay down, rest. My thinking was how am I supposed to rebuild my stamina if I just lay around? See that tricky bitch MS makes it to where when you try to rehab and build back what you’ve lost it can work against you. Causing you to feel worse. This has always been a problem for me. Should I push myself or not? I usually do and then suffer for it.

Yesterday I decided to try and chill. My get up and go, got up and went. I was nauseas as usual and didn’t have an appetite. On days like that I have to force myself to eat. Remember what I’ve said in the past. Don’t envy the skinny girl, she may be sick. But I had slept the night before so I can’t complain. Life is still good.

I realized I felt very much like I did last year this time. The time of the horrible flare. God I hope this isn’t a pattern. Not sure I could hang with this every year.

Later in the evening baby Jake came over for snacks. He was impressed as was David and Lance with my vegetarian chili dip. It was the first time I’d made it without meat. It was really good. I will be doing that again.

Jake was telling me about his new responsibilities being a manager at the wine bar he works at. He was a happy little camper. We all sat around in the kitchen talking. I enjoyed it quite a bit. We are a lively and animated group.

When all of a sudden Hammbone Jenkins III and Mr.Wiggles tie up. Let me tell you when they fight it’s like clash of the titans. It seems like this is a thing with them on Super Bowl Sunday.

A couple of years ago Lance and I had a super bowl party in Tallahassee. His friends came over,I cooked. It was fun. I had several people tell me how well behaved the dogs are, they must have heard and said we’ll show them. Because they did. They locked up bigger than shit.

Last night was the same, clash of the titans. Daisy and Sampson was in their kennels poor Sampson got very vocal during the whole thing. It was like he was saying. Guys calm down. He was panicked. Poor boy.

Baby Jake got very upset over this. He thinks this is because I have 4 dogs. This is not the case. They have had dust ups over the years that baby Jake apparently has forgotten. He doesn’t realize I have 4 dogs because Hamm and Wiggles are getting old. Hoping I have them a while longer, but we’re all going to kick at some point. I just want them to help train the newbies.

I woke feeling like I ran a marathon last night, so I’m going to rest yet again. I had a gyno appointment today, but didn’t have the energy to go. I had some precancerous growths removed last year so they want to keep up with that. That’s great they’re so diligent, but stirrups was not in my plan today.

The week isn’t starting out great but I’m sure that’s going to change. It always does.

Positive things happen to positive people so let’s get this Monday going folks. Do something nice for someone. It will make a difference and make you feel good as well. Happy Monday folks❤️

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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