Making the best of a wasted week

So my sweetie was off this week. I had been really looking forward to it because most days are spent just putsing around my house. Lance was to be off for Spring break. Woo hoo I was stoked. We planned to golf and beach time.

It turned out we both got sick. Sick with a flu bug of some type. Congestion, fever all the bullshit that comes with. With the exception of diarrhea because as you all know I’m constantly constipated. I’ve tried everything even “power pudding” hasn’t helped. So yeah no poop for me by golly.

So my honey and I was sick as crap, but was managing. Then he got a call from his dad, my sweet mother in law had what they thought was a stroke. It turned out to be one of several clots in her brain. She wound up having emergency brain surgery. Thankfully she made it through but will have a long rehab road ahead of her. She will also have to have more brain surgeries for the other clots.

With us being so sick and contagious we couldn’t make the trip to be with them during this very worrisome time.

We don’t visit often enough because they are so far but would have definitely went for something like this. Point being we need to visit more. I felt so bad for my hubby I know he wanted to be there for the family. But it is what it is. He was in no shape to drive and we couldn’t take the risk of infecting them.

So me and the hubby had more soup than we ever care to eat again. Sat around and did a whole lot of nothing. It was a waste of a week to say the least, but I have to say my hubby gave me a hell of a compliment. He said ” baby as much as I hate being sick I wouldn’t want to be sick with anyone more than with you”. I have to say as bad as we felt we both was comforted by having the other with, keeping company even when sick felt good. For that I’m grateful.

I think my son felt bad for our wasted week off and took us to brunch. He’s a sweetie and actually enjoys our company. After brunch we talked about maybe attempting golf. I just couldn’t and to my surprise Lance wasn’t up to it either. The Dr did say we’d feel the effects from the flu for several weeks so I suppose she was right. Although I am still wondering if I had an actual flu or upper respiratory thing. Lance was considerably sicker than me. But maybe I’m just so used to feeling like shit it all blends.

So the week was a waste but we made it through and there will be more weeks of fun times so I shouldn’t complain.

Tuesday is my first dose of Gilenya. My hubby took off to stay with me during the 6 hr observation they insist upon after the first dose. Wish me luck. I’m hoping to if anything maintain what I have. I know this won’t be a healing Med but if I can maintain then I’ll be doing good. Positive things happen to positive people and if I’m anything it’s positive❤️

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

13 thoughts on “Making the best of a wasted week”

  1. I hate that y’all were sick, but glad you were able to make the most of it! It sounds like your son is a lot like his mother and has a very kind heart! You did a pretty damn good job raising him!
    I hope your first dose of Gilenya goes well. I know having to be observed for 6 hours is not any fun, but the medicine will hopefully do great for you. I think I have told you, I had been on it for 6 years and decided to go off of it, which was a mistake. I am back on it now and probably will not get off of it until there is a cure!! Take care my dear!!

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    1. Thanks Alyssa we made the most of it. Yes my boy is a sweetie for sure and thank you. I hope I instilled some good stuff in those boys.
      I’m hopeful about Gilenya I saw an article that they’re seeing benefit with people with SPMS so we’ll see. Fingers crossed

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      1. You really did an incredible job raising your children and you should be SO proud! You are an amazing woman and it shows with everything you write!
        Gilenya has done pretty well for me and I really hope it will for you too! My fingers are crossed for you as well!

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      2. Unfortunately the results are not immediate, but in time things went well for me. One side effects is headaches, which is why I stopped it last year. But what is worse a headache or a bad relapse? I chose to deal with the headache. I really hope it does well for you ♡

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      3. Honestly I did not have immediate results, but it did keep the MS at bay. I was doing really well until I went off of it in July of last year. Worse flare up I ever had when I changed meds. It does effect everyone different though and I hope it works very well for you!!

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