Living a drama/stress free life and autoimmune illness

It’s imperative for someone with an auto immune illness to lead a stress free life. I say this, but have I done this in the past? Absolutely not. I’ve screwed myself over time and time again, by caring too much and trying to fix everyone’s issues.


Do ya know what that got old Alex? It got me secondary progressive MS. Not sure if I would have progressed anyway, but I do know that I’ve literally stressed over other peoples issues to the point of exhaustion.

MS is a progressive disease in itself, but I can say I helped things along by stressing over other people’s issues. I worried about familial issues that had nothing to do with me. I worried about doing holiday meals and making sure everything went well, to the best of my ability. This is the biggest mistake an MSer can do!!!

Now since sliding into secondary progressive MS, I damn sure learned how to scale back. I don’t worry about even half the nonsense I used to.

I have removed the negative people from my life. I don’t listen to the gossip and don’t pay attention to the shit stirrers. You can bet money that those that are talking to you about other people are also talking about you. I have truly gotten to the point that I don’t care what anyone has to say about me. I have to worry about me and my health. If it’s seen as selfish, so be it.

I don’t entertain any more. Cooking isn’t a thing at my house any more. If I happen to get a wild hair up my ass and have energy, I cook. If not it’s ok, my family understands.

I don’t have house guests anymore, if someone wants to visit they can get a hotel room. I’m not the Howard Johnson’s and don’t have the energy or the patience. I love to visit, but at this point in my illness I do not feel the need to go above and beyond. I’ve done that and here I sit.

I don’t stress anything at this point. Bills are worrisome of course because we went from two incomes down to one. But it will work out. One thing I have to say is God always provides. So I know we’ll be fine.

I had someone ask me if I was on medication. I laughed when asked. I said “no I’m just living a drama free life”. Which means not fighting with the hubby or anyone else. I let shit drift. I suppose they asked because I used to be quite the live wire and had a hot temper.

My most urgent message is don’t stress the bullshit. Cut the drama mommas and the soul suckers out of your life. It’s not being uncaring towards others, it’s called valuing your health and well being.

I’m not one to meditate or do yoga, but do as I say and not as I do. Obviously I didn’t do this prior to getting this sick. If you’re able to, do yoga or meditate. Take “YOU” time. Rest and don’t worry about appeasing everyone. At the end of the day those people will be walking around healthy while you’re sitting home sick.

Had I done this I can’t say I wouldn’t have transitioned. I can say I wouldn’t be kicking myself for wasting time on the Bullshit.

Lance as well as my own children are grown and on their own. At this point Lance and I live a charmed life for the most part. We play golf when able. Hardly ever argue because we both understand how damaging this is to our health as well as to our marriage. We visit family when up to it. I think everyone understands because they know of my health issues. Regardless of what anyone thinks, we have to do whats good for us. We are in our somewhat golden years and plan on living many more happy, stress free years to come.


I end this entry with, live a good life, a calm, stress free life. A chronic autoimmune disease is no joke. I spent my life stressing over other people. I am the poster child of what NOT to do when faced with a chronic illness. I can not impress this enough upon you: do NOT do as I did. Everyone will get over you not being super woman or man.

My circle is small(with the exception of my FB group) and its peaceful. /

I’m proud to say the lesson is learned and life is so much more enjoyable now that I cut the nonsensical stuff out. Now I can play golf and chill when my body allows. Better days are coming for this gal even with progression of this illness. Life is still good and I am very blessed!

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

8 thoughts on “Living a drama/stress free life and autoimmune illness”

  1. I am convinced that an extremely stressful year of my life triggered my MS. I can take a lot, but there was stress hitting me from three different fronts and I think it made my body go tilt. That can’t be clinically proven, of course, but I believe it with all my heart.

    Even now, stress is the kiss of death for me. If I allow myself to get stressed out, it exacerbates the symptoms. I can feel it course through my leg which makes it infinitely weaker and harder to walk on

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    1. I believe that 💯. I swear that the last big flare I had stemmed from a plane crash I handled as public safety. I rocked the call and handled it beautifully but I really think that coupled with my normal stressing over other people’s issues made me sicker. I should have retired years ago. My neuro told me to but I wasn’t in a financial position to do so. Not that I am now but I couldn’t do that job or any job at this point.

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      1. Fortunately I am not at that point yet. The ironic this is that right around the time the symptoms appeared. I took a lesser position, moving from a Department Head to a position where I was no longer a boss. It wasn’t my entirely my decision and I took a hit financially. My ego was a little bruised at the time but in retrospect it was a great thing. I have no people responsibilities anymore and so something I enjoy and am very good at

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      2. That’s awesome man. Like I always say everything for a reason. Glad you’re enjoying your job again. I still miss mine but don’t miss the stress involved at all. Before public safety I did 911 for way too long. Great job but taxing on Ab MSer

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  2. I am sorry for my late comment, but Alex this post was amazing! Stress is definitely a bitch and can cause so many issues. I have always stressed about everything, but I am trying to be a little more chilled about things. Stress is what caused my last horrible relapse that I am still recovering from. Honestly, I still have a lot on my plate right now because my husband is battling depression and isn’t working. We are surviving on my income only and I am not able to work full time because of my pain issues. I have always known how horrible stress is for everyone, but it is so much worse for us MS warriors. I am glad you are working towards a stress-free life and I do believe it will pay off! I am trying to follow your example. I hope you are having a good week!!! All my love girl!

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    1. That does sound like a lot of stress on you. Please try to limit any additional stressors when you can. It’s so hard on our already sensitive systems. I have definitely scaled back and make no bones about it to family and friends. I’ll keep you in prayer sweet girl. Prayers for peace and good health. Xoxo

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      1. Thank you doll! Stress is something that is always around and I am learning how to eliminate those that cause me too much stress from my life. I am a work in progress! I appreciate your comment and prayers. You my dear sweet friend are always in my thoughts and prayers as well! Much love xoxo

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