Don’t Stop Believing…..

Yesterday was a good day. Got up, showered (much needed) did my hair and felt pretty decent.

My plan was to bring my hubby lunch. My friend told me the Prime Rib guy food truck was going to be at the sheriffs office today. The S.O is literally 5 min away from my house. Hot damn I thought, I’ve been dying to try it. So I figured I’d bring the hubby some lunch.

Now this is something a lot of people don’t think about. Having MS for so long I’ve looked at all angles of the disease and how it effects my family. I always try to make sure I’m always present in their lives and try not to make everything about my disease.

With something that’s always in the shadow (even on good days) it’s easy to be consumed by it. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!! We worry A LOT about what tomorrow is going to bring and forget about today. This is NOT healthy. We worry about the what if? Well worrying about the what if ruins the today.

As I stood in line for the Prime Rib guy I talked with several ladies. I felt semi human. It was great. I am a Chatty Cathy when I feel decent. I will say if I’m not up to par and feeling really bad I don’t talk and can be a cranky. I don’t want to put across that I’m always chipper because I’m not. I’m human and have good days and bad.

So I was bringing my cutie lunch. Gotta keep the home fires burning, and all that jazz. I always say keep your spouse fed and F***ed as best you can. I’m not saying I’m the dynamo I once was. But I still make the effort and my sweetie appears very content. If you do make the effort then it’s on them completely if they step out, because you’ve done your part.

We have to make sure we don’t let that sneaky bitch get the better of us. We are much, much more than MS.

So I brought my sweetie lunch. You would have though I hung the moon, he was so happy. It’s good that he appreciates my efforts as it keeps me making the effort.

Later in the day that little stinker Daisy Mae got a hold of her cast yet again. It’s ok. I had an appointment on Monday to get it removed anyway. So I brought her in and now she’s free. Free at last! She’s very delicate with it but I’m sure it’s still tender and she has to regain the muscle that she lost having the cast on.

Went to sleep later and woke with nerve pain. Eh, between that and the steroids I was wide awake. I heard Hamm start crying and wound up taking them to potty and kenneled them again. I vaped and went back to sleep. Thank you Jesus!!!! I slept and woke ok. Woot woot. It WILL be a good day.

So Saturday begins. Life is good. Vision is pretty good and I’m not in mind numbing pain. I say thank you Jesus because that’s my belief system. I don’t push religion down anyone’s throat but that’s my gig.

I remember when I was first dx’d I had recently started back at church and then got sick. Being back at church and my faith got me through those really tough moments.

When first dx’d I prayed and prayed some more. I was raised pretty religious, pentacostle of all things. Everyone knows I’m a hellion, used to drink too much and still curse like a sailor. But with all of that, my beliefs are still the same and I have a huge amount of faith.

I know some folks are mad when diagnosed. I think I was just too scared to be mad. I was deathly afraid of the unknown. I am after all a control freak at best. This unknown was kicking my butt. I truly needed to give it to God before I lost my shit. So I gave it to God then and I give it to God now.

This last flare leveled me, changing my life beyond belief. I’m a completely different person than I was just a year ago. It’s ok I gave it to God again to get the pressure off of me. I saw it was ok for my life to change. It wasn’t in my plan but wound up being he plan made for me. I’m ok with that. I’m adjusting pretty well. I don’t feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and am transitioning into a very chill way of living. No more racing around for work or racing around for anything. I go at my own pace and find it much more peaceful.

So my long story was to give some advice. Give your stresses to someone/something else. I’m not saying Christianity is for everyone. Do your own thing. I don’t care if it’s your Buddhist, Muslim or whatever. I don’t care if you you believe in sponge bob. Just give the stresses of this disease to a higher power than yourself. Whatever works for you, will be better than beating yourself up over a situation you can’t control.

There are so many things about MS you can’t control. You can control your meds, food and exercise. Work on what you can and give the other things to that higher power. It will carry you though. It has me. Not that I’m a poster child for MS or religion but I do think I cope rather well. Not saying I’m a perfect Christian. I’m not. I have a filthy mouth and can act pretty shitty when prompted. But when things get tough and I feel overwhelmed I give it to my higher power.

With that I end this entry with enjoy your Saturday. Make the most of the weekend. Do something nice for someone. It will make a difference❤️

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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