Sassy or just short tempered?

Sometimes I just have to wonder. I wonder if it’s me that’s out of step or the rest of society. In all honesty this could be the case. I’ve always been a different bird to which I’m very ok with. I don’t necessarily want to be an average joe. I don’t want to fit my round peg into the square hole. I like being me, silly and squirrelly hot tempered Álex.

I’m fairly certain I’ve been a different bird since birth. When I was a teen I tried to fit in. It seemed like the thing to do, now I look back and see it as time wasted. Now I’m comfortable in my own skin and really LIKe me.

I’ve been called mean. I’ve been called harsh and critical. I’ve also been called crazy AF. I don’t really think I’m mean or crazy AF or harsh and critical. I’d give someone the shirt off of my back. What I don’t do is I don’t suffer fools gladly. That’s just me. I call em as I see em and make no apologies.

Well on with my day. Lance is off for summer and I love it. He’s home with me and we’re picturing what it will be like when he’s retired. Just four short years and we’ll be living the dream. I can’t wait!

I went to the gym with my eldest David and did pretty good. A good MS day. Thank God for that! Seeing my boy always lifts my spirits. He’s the best gym buddy ever. He’s super positive and not overbearing. It was great! The MS God’s were smiling upon me today.

Later in the day I had a gyno appointment. I got there 10 min early, because I’m super conscious of being on time. In my opinion being on time or early is something of yesteryear. People these days feel it’s ok to be 5-10 min late for everything. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It’s a total lack of respect to be late to anything.

Why is this a thing of the past? I don’t get it I know I’m different, but when did it become socially acceptable to just not give a shit about other people’s time?

I’m sorry but the traffic was heavy is NOT an excuse to me. I respect everyone’s time and expect the same in return.

So I get to my gyno walk up to the receptionist to check in. I tell the receptionist I was there to see Dr Jones at which time the receptionist tells me she’s running late. She went on to say Dr Jones is just now seeing her 1:40 appointment.

I was floored. It’s was 2:50 how in the hell is she running that behind? I told the receptionist I am absolutely not waiting that long to see her. There was no way in hell I’m going to wait an hour for a pre op appointment. I was very annoyed, how do people stay In business when they’re running their show like that?

Years ago I remember going to the gyno ( same group of gyno different dr) the receptionist told me it was going to be a wait because she was running behind schedule. My response was when you folks get your scheduling together give me a call. Because my time is worth money too.

Needless to say they called and apologized. I understand having a fluke issue and running behind but I’m also aware that dr offices over book patients. I’m not going to play the sit and wait game for anyone.

I left and felt ok about it. I later got a call that they could do the appointment the day of surgery. Interesting to say the least. So why in the hell did I have to go in the first place? The thought that they would have had me wait to see her when they could do the exam the day of surgery really pisses me off.

Absolutely NO respect for their patients time. I would have been sitting there like a fool had I not had the gumption to call their bluff.

I hate I had to show my ass at the gyno but sometimes a little sass is in order. Although I’m not quite sure if it’s sass or just being bitchy. Either way I’m ok with it. 😉

My point to this whole rant was to plead with anyone and everyone to respect other people’s time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dr, a teacher or flipping burgers a BK please for the love of everything good respect other people’s time!

This is one of the things that has gotten lost in the shuffle. This, a good work ethic as well as plain old respect. I’m sick and I’m tired there’s no good reason to leave someone waiting when they’re already in a struggle.

I’m going to climb off of my soap box now and wish you all a good night and a happy Monday. Sorry if I was a bit long winded with my rant. Pretty sure tomorrow will be even better that today. God willing that is😊

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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