Revisiting the poop chronicles

I’ve blogged about this in the past. See those brown eyes? They’re that deep brown because I’m full of shit. I joke about it but pooping is a serious thing. I joke that I’m literally full of shit because I am.

I’ve suffered with major constipation for what seems like forever. I’ve heard tell this is common for us MSers.

For a hot minute things was moving smoothly. I’d say a couple of months give or take. I had started eating Raisin Bran with almond milk nightly and it seemed to be working well. Well that ended as quickly and unexpectedly as it started.

Mind you in the past I had tried everything from green smoothies to power pudding along with a ton of water to try and get things “regular”.

Years ago yogurt kept me semi regular. Not any more. Now it’s rocks in my belly Bullshit that I deal with. Raisin Bran has failed me as well as all the other things I’ve tried. Lance jokes that it’s a demon inside me brewing. This makes me chuckle. He keeps me laughing with all the MS BS I deal with. He loves his shit filled wife. Go figure. That just goes to show you there’s someone for everyone.

As you all know I’ve been working out. The working out is also an attempt to try and keep things in my belly moving in the right direction.

Yesterday I went with David to the gym and told him i wasn’t feeling my best. I told him I was 4 days in. No poopage for momma. He knows of my never ending struggle. He says have you tried a squatty potty? Not sure why he even asked he comes to my house all the time and would have seen it in the bathroom. Maybe he thought mom suddenly got private about such matters. No such luck. I told him no but I have tried using a stool to raise my legs while on the toilet. Sorry if that’s TMI but you all know at this point I have no shame about pooping or anything else having to do with health matters.

We went after our workout and got me a squatty potty. I wasn’t real jazzed about it. It cost 25.00 at Target. This to me seemed a bit pricey for a maybe. David insisted, so I caved and we got it. We walked around Target with my squatty potty, kambucha and work out shirts in my buggy. No shame here. There was a bright white and blue sticker with the words SQATTY POTTY on it. Was I embarrassed? Nope no shame in my pooping game, or at least attempt at a pooping game.

Have I mentioned all the probiotics, kambucha,yogurt and water I ingest? It’s quite a bit in an attempt to keep my gut healthy to be able to SHIT. Have I been able? No I haven’t. Apparently it’s just not in the cards for me to have normal healthy bowel movements.

So I get home with my squatty potty,kambucha etc. I put it in the bathroom drink a bunch of water. Ate some Raisin Bran sat on my toilet (legs raised in the appropriate position) and I wait. Sitting hoping. Pressing on my belly. Nothing. 25$ down the drain.

I wound up taking a laxative along with more water. Nothing. A big fat 0!

So day 5 of the poop hostage situation. I really am not sure who the hostage is, me or the poop. I woke had my coffee yogurt and an apple and headed to the gym. Surely this would be the day. Nope nada, nothing. I’m getting ready to bust. I’m still eating and not evacuating a damn thing. Today I took two laxatives after lunch. I’m determined to get this going. That or it’s going to start running out of my ears. Not pretty, not pretty at all.

Lance and I went for sushi. It was a good time. Finally relaxed on the couch and suddenly felt movement in my tummy. I scooted to the bathroom excited to use my squatty potty. SUCCESS!!!! Two laxatives later, legs in the appropriate position and I got to go. I swear it was like birthing a child less the 18 yrs of parenting. I was that excited!

I know it’s not very glamorous or pretty but this is just one of the many things we deal with. Not that every BM is noteworthy but I figured this one was. So back to the drawing board in hopes to find something besides a laxative to get me going. I’m going to continue with this squatty potty thing and let you all know if it’s worth the 25.00$ spent.

Wish me luck everybody.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

8 thoughts on “Revisiting the poop chronicles”

  1. There is a powder called Miralax (not sure if that is the correct spelling) that I swear by. You put it in water, juice, etc., suck it down, and make sure you drink water for the rest of the day. Not an insane amount, but just enough so that the stuff you just took doesn’t settle into your intestines and turn to concrete. Works like a charm

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      1. You ain’t kidding. The longest I’ve went was 8 days. No bueno at all. Lance and I are going to try vegetarian maybe that will help. Although I already eat a ton of roughage.

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  2. OMG…. I really feel like we have become my grandparents talking about their aches corns and poop issues….. On a positive note it also reminds me that they were strong and lived long and happy lives….glad to have you and your poop in mine… opinion of the squatty potty…at least you are a little more comfortable while you are trying to birth the little shit….yes I have one too

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    1. Lol. We have totally turned into the elders. I’m good with that too. I’m going to add chai into my diet as well as go vegetarian. Last summer we pretty much ate mostly veggies anyway so I figure we’ll just experiment with different recipes. My boys swear by it. So we’ll see if those little turkeys are right. Lol

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  3. I love your honesty!! The more we write about these “uncomfortable” topics, the more the taboos will slowly disappear. So glad you finally had at least one good BM after all that madness. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I think it’s high time we move past the awkward shadow of being embarrassed about normal bodily functions. I’m a girly girl to a certain degree, but I’ll damn sure put it out there that yes we have this issue with MS. There’s no shame in that. Not like I asked for my bowels to shut down on me. This is the cold hard facts of Ms. Newly dx’d need to know about this ,just in case they have this issue. I know I wish someone would have told me back in the day.

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