When you’ve had your fill

I had a good fourth. Most of you know I’ve been doing a vegetarian/almost vegan diet for several weeks. I made quinoa and black bean burgers, French fries and homemade coleslaw. It was ok. Not great but still tasty.

It’s been working out pretty good. I’ve been substituting meat with quinoa because it has the 9 essential fatty acids our bodies require every day. We’ve been eating a lot of veggies in different dishes and it’s working out well.

My sweetie likes to say it’s because of my MS. This is not true. Lol

Although it is really good for MS we started doing this particular diet for his arthritis. He had knots forming on his knuckles that became very painful. He was suffering greatly, so I suggested doing this diet for both of us.

I had suggested it in the past but he was very firm in saying he didn’t think he could do it. Kind of humorous to see someone do an about face when they’re the one dealing with intense pain. Not judging my hubby because I get it.

You don’t get it until you get it. Pain will change your way of thinking in a hurry.

So we cut meats and cheeses out of our diet. I like it. I do find I have a bit more energy. Nothing too crazy but any improvement is a welcome change. I still have to sit or lay down frequently but I think it’s helping. So as you all know I’m going to go with the positive at all times, so far this is a good go for me and for him.

So Lance cut the grass and I cooked my fake burgers. After everything was done we attempted to play a little golf. This was NOT my best idea. I have a cold or sinus infection brewing and felt puny to begin with.

Why did I feel the need to play? I didn’t really feel the need, but felt guilty. It’s Lances summer vacay and I know he wants to do more than just sit around the house. I’ll be honest, I’m not really up for more than sitting around the house but I figured we’d play and maybe I’d be ok. Was this ok? No it was not. Besides the normal MS bullshit my nose was running and my throat was sore.

I regret putting myself through that. The heat was intolerable and I was cranky AF. I attempted a couple of holes and failed miserably. It was a waste of time and money. Last I played we had been neck and neck, this time I could barely get around. The heat zapped all my energy and I just couldn’t. I stuck it out so as not to ruin his game.

It was a bit much for me, as we left I told him I am NOT putting myself through that again in the summer months. I had my fill at that point. This is in no way his fault but my own for pushing myself.

I’m sure you all remember I have a hard time listening to my body. This has worked against me time and time again. Needless to say I’m suffering the consequences for my silliness. Lesson learned.😉

Note to self: stop being a punk ass punk and take it easy when need be.

So now I’m showered, resting and going to try and not beat myself up for doing myself in yet again.

On another note, eating a plant based diet has worked In favor with regards to going to the bathroom. Go team Alex!!!! I should also report the squatty potty is a win win. Not a cure all but definitely worth the money spent.

So Happy 4th folks. Hoping you all have a great holiday

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

8 thoughts on “When you’ve had your fill”

  1. I think what I love about you the most is that you keep trying! Try not to beat yourself up too much for pushing yourself, it’s what makes you you. But at the same time, please take the break you need 🙂

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      1. I have been spending a lot of tome outside in this awful heat too. Sitting on my pool deck under an umbrella with a cold drink. When it gets too hot I jump in and cool down. It’s like constantly repeating the rinse cycle

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