My old boy Hamm

Let me tell you about my old boy Hamm. His full and proper name would be Hammbone Jenkins III. No there wasn’t a first or second the boys thought it sounded fancy.

Hamm is one of my senior pups. Mr. Wiggles is my other. Enough about Wiggles. This entry is all about my Hamm.

It was Jakes 13th birthday I believe. Jake put in to go to the shelter “just to look around”. I remember vividly saying “Jake when have we ever went to the shelter just to look around?” He pleaded “please mom pleeeease”. I relented and said “ok we’re just going to look.”

We wound up at the Lynn Haven animal shelter. We walked around the exterior, all of the dogs in the separate kennels barking for attention. It was pretty chilly out because it was February and the previous winter was still in the air.

We went inside to say hi, I had worked for the police department in Lynn Haven and the animal control was a branch of law enforcement for the city. I had several friends there. So I popped in and found a playpen in the office filled with pups. There had to be 10-15 pups.

While Jake oood and ahhhd over the little pups in the playpen I chatted with my friend Cheryl. She said the pups had been dropped off about a week ago In a box without their mother. They had been about a couple of weeks old. We talked about how heartless some people are and both agreed whoever dumped the pups was a piece of shit.

Jake was loving on all the little fur babies and of course put in to get one. I said nope, we agreed we wasn’t going to get one before coming and by golly I’m not leaving with one!!!

We said our goodbyes to Cheryl and loaded up in the suburban. I was firm in my decision NOT to get another pet. We had Max (our pit mix) at home and the year prior lost our Rottie Shelby Woo. She had to be put down and it was very upsetting losing her. Her loss was felt by the whole family. She was an awesome girl. Daisy reminds me of her.

As we was driving out of the sports complex that housed animal control Jake had such a sad look on his face. He asked what’s going to happen to those pups mom? I said they’ll be adopted Jake. He looked so sad. So of course I turned the truck around and went back to the shelter. Jakes little face lit up. I couldn’t have him sad on his bday. I told him ” just let me help you pick one. Some of them didn’t look like they’d fair too well. Jake picked up one that had rottie markings. It was a cutie but looked sickly and lethargic. I picked up one that had spots and was a bit more active. He looked like a tiny cow.

Cheryl let me know real quick we couldn’t formally adopt one but we could foster and if things worked out we could adopt.

In the car Jake reminded me he had plans that night with his best friend Casey for his bday. I was not too happy about having to tend his new pup the first day he got him but of course caved and said ok. I held Hamm all the way home while driving. He was just like a little baby.

We got him home and David, Jake and myself decided on a name. I’m pretty sure David was the one to come up with Hammbone Jenkins III. I loved it. It was the coolest name ever.

Bob came home from work and was none too happy that I got a pup without discussing it with him. But as everyone knows I’ve always been an ask for forgiveness vs. ask for permission kind of gal. Bob was also concerned because Hamm was so tiny. He didn’t think Hamm would live. We wound up getting pup formula for him and I tended him like I birthed him myself. The doting mom kicked in and never left.

I admit Cheryl and myself thought he would be a small breed of dog. He kept growing and growing. He wound up in the 80-90lb range.

It turned out Hamm and I would have an incredible bond. He followed me constantly, never needed a leash. He just knew he had to stay with me. If he walked too fast I’d say slow down Hamm and he would. When I’m feeling poorly he’s right there with me watching me closely. He looks at my face more than any of the dogs ever have.

As you all know I’ve went through some very trying times. Ya know who’s always been there? Old Hammbone Jenkins III that’s who. He’s seen me through the passing of Bob as well as major health issues of my own. I can’t tell you all how many times after Bob passed I’ve sat and cried to old Hamm. I swear he understood. He was my service dog before I ever thought about getting a service dog.

He’s a true G that boy is. He’s my ride or die pup. I love all of my pups. But he’ll always be special to me. He’s seen me through the toughest of times. He’s getting old now and slowing down quite a bit. He’s not as handsome as he once was but then neither am I. You can always count on him being by my side, watching me and making sure I’m ok.

Yeah this is a kind of corny entry but I just have to give my old boy props. I’m sick with an upper respiratory funk and he’s right by my side as he’s always been.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

6 thoughts on “My old boy Hamm”

  1. I’m surprised you were even able to walk out the door that first day. I won’t even look at puppies or shelters because they would all come home with me. I’m glad you’ve got hamm and he’s got you. Great post alex! ty for sharing…and kick that respiratory things ass

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