The pros and cons of Medical Marijuana

As you all know it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks. But then when is it ever easy? It’s not, but with a positive attitude and meds we can make it through. I’ve made it through for years with this chronic illness and will continue to do so.

With all the pain and frustration from feeling like dog doo I haven’t given up hope that tomorrow will be a better day. It has been and will continue to be. Ya know what they say.. positive things happen to positive people, and all that jazz.

I got my Demerol shot from my neuro and have my orders for another MRI. Between the shot the other day and taking my meds of Tramadol, baclofen and Medical marijuana I’ve been feeling a smidge better.

Yep I said it medical marijuana. While I still had to take the other meds I did in fact have to vape my MMJ to get relief. I tried just the opioids as well as trying to just vape my MMJ. On a stand alone neither worked but the combination does give me a reprieve from the mind bending pain.

So I’m sure you’re all wondering about the title on this particular blog. The pro’s and cons of MMJ. The pro would be relief. Had I not had it and relied solely on the opioids I would still be crying my fucking eyes out.

As you all know I’ve been sick many years. Until recently I didn’t partake in any smoking or vaping of marijuana. For many years I was able to maintain just taking meds after work. I dealt with the pain and muddled on through. The pain I deal with now is very different. It’s at a completely different level. I’m in no way a punk. I’ve birthed kids, broken bones and pulled many muscles over the years. This isn’t a pain that can even be explained. So don’t judge what you don’t know.

With my life changing drastically and me leaving work and my pain level escalating by leaps and bounds I feel very ok with vaping and taking my meds when need be.

I’m still very cautious with meds because I don’t want to be that lady that got addicted. I never want to be tied to anything and am still a control freak. Which is why I feel so strongly about MMJ. Had I not had access to MMJ I’m sure I would have taken my meds (opioids) much more than the way they had been prescribed.

The fact that people have to jump through hoops to obtain MMJ and spend ridiculous amounts of money to get legal MMJ is ridiculous and down right cruel.

A couple of months ago my Holistic dr went out of business. I’m still not really clear on the circumstances, but I do know that her leaving this town has put a hurting on already suffering people. Me included suffered from her leaving. Not that I was crazy about her, she is a different bird, but the fact that she was helping people is really all that matters.

Now off to find another Dr so I can get my much needed pain relief. Is this fair? Hell no it’s not fair. I had to pay 400.00 out of pocket then pay for the MMJ itself. This should all be paid for through health coverage. As it is we get raped having to pay for ins only to be told they won’t pay for MMJ. But they will pay for opioids. We still have to take into account the opioid epidemic along with the damage it does to our bodies. This makes absolutely no sense. It’s a vicious and cruel circle.

So my title is misleading I suppose.

The pro of medical marijuana is it can help. You may need to add other meds with but it can help. It’s helped me. While some ignorant, uneducated and basically heartless people tout it as being a gateway drug to other drugs, I am here to tell you that is ridiculous. I have absolutely no desire to delve into anything other than getting relief with this particular drug.

The con? Well there really is none with the exception of the financial burden of having to pay out of pocket for the product as well as go out of town to obtain these meds.

It’s sad that in this day and age there are such small minded people in the world that we’re even still having to beg and plead to have access to something that actually can help.

I found the above to be an interesting read. Take a minute to check it out. I should also add I feel medical marijuana is a useful tool in the fight regarding multiple sclerosis I’m not in any way saying it’s a cure, but a very useful tool.

I’d also like to invite anyone reading to join my chronic illness group. It’s a pretty cool group filled with really great folks.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

6 thoughts on “The pros and cons of Medical Marijuana”

  1. I have been vaping MMJ for a little over 2 months and swear by it. It is a pretty simple process in CT. Get a referral from your neuro to the program, fill out some forms and send a non refundable $100 check, which is required yearly. You get a temporary program card in less than a month and a permanent one a few weeks later. There are about 6 dispensaries in the state with another 8 coming on board in the next 12. I believe MJ will be legal across the board in less than three years here.

    What struck me as incredible is the cost you have to pay. The “slims” I get are $26 each, and the most I go through in a month are 2. I can’t believe we would be getting the same thing in different states where the difference in cost would be that high.

    I might look into the edibles, honey in particular, only because I am not sure how good long term vaping is in the lungs.

    Be that is it may, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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    1. Wow it’s so much cheaper there. One small cartridge runs 75$ I’m allotted several per month depending on the amount of thc in the one I pick. The higher the thc the less cartridges I can purchase. They’re going to be bringing a Dr in from south Fl soon, so hopefully I don’t have to go out of town. It’s a shit show in Fl. We only have a handful of dispensaries in NW Fl. That and the cost make it unattainable for most. This is the Bible Belt so…..

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