Along for the ride.

This morning for once our sweet pups let Lance and I sleep in. Woot woot! I can’t really complain though because these days my hubby tends the dogs in the morning. I still wake up from hearing them bustling about. Daisy always runs in and licks my face as soon as she can get in the bedroom.

That is my girl for sure. She’s a hell of a service dog and is really coming around. I’m very proud of her. She is so in tune with me and I love it. If I’m having a bad day she is all over me like a worried momma. I love all my pups but she really is special.

It being Saturday my sonny boy David took me for my pedicure.  He takes me every two weeks for a pedicure and a massage. Really him and Jake spoil the shit out of me. You guys are probably tired of hearing about my kids, but I have to say them, my hubby and my pups keep me going. Even on my worst days I can count on at least one of them making me laugh.

So David and I went for our pedicures. The ladies all speak in their native tongue and look to me to see if I understand them. I have been mistaken for Asian in the past so I get it. I’ve heard tell that we have Filipino in our blood line so I can see why they might think I understand them. Sure hope they’re not talking smack about us. lol

We had fun but I petered out pretty quick. I had to go home and lay down for a while. My batteries aren’t what they used to be.

Around 3:00 Lance put in to play golf. I knew there was no possible way I could pull this off. I was bone tired, there was no way I could even attempt to swing a club. Plus, my legs were a bit wonky with foot drop etc.

I told him he could go and have a good time. He looked a bit bummed to be going alone. Then I got to thinking I was being a bit selfish, I wasn’t in horrible pain or anything just dead tired. I figured I’d ride and get some air while watching him play. He was happy with this plan. So we did. It was beautiful out and we enjoyed it. Even if I couldn’t play I was still in the moment with him.

So even if we can’t do as we once did we can still be part of the moment even if it’s just cheering our loved ones on.

My son told me today that him and his bro and some friends may be going to Italy in December. The old momma would have gotten a bit unnerved about them not being around for the holidays.

My thinking these days is go and do and live it like it’s your last. I want my boys to experience everything they can in life. None of us are promised tomorrow, we all have to make the most of all we can, when we can.

So while I couldn’t play today, and was just along for the ride, I made the most of it and me and the hubby had a good time and made a memory.

That is what life is all about!

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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