Mixing things up with fashion and MS


While dealing with the whole MS bullshit, MRI’s, fatigue, pain yada yada, boo-boo. I’ve been mulling over different activities that can keep my brain functioning at a semi-cognizant level. While I’ve always been a quick thinker and even considered a mover and shaker on occasion, I know that now I’m at a slower pace. This stresses me out!!!!

Everyone that knows me knows that I will not take that lying down. I blog regarding my ups and downs with MS, I have my MS group where we have light humor as well as informative posts . I feel there’s more I could be doing with my free time. More to keep my brain working at an acceptable level.Mixing things up   Sofaking sick and tired of MS

While talking to my eldest, he suggested blogging about fashion. Him and my youngest have always thought I was a sharp dresser. Little do they know, I pretty much follow older classic looks; looks from the 50’s and 60’s where women looked put together. I’m not going to say I don’t lounge out on occasion, but for the most part I really do like following fashion. I like it, but never go full throttle into a trend. I’ve always put my own spin on a look so that it would suit me best.


So in addition to blogging about MS and the freak show it can be, more times than not, I am going to blog about different fashion trends and products I’ve found to be useful. I think it may be a fun time for me. We’ll see, it will be something different to mix up the daily doldrums of retirement.


Ive taken to doing more Instagram and following some that I feel are fashion forward. Feel free to follow me on Instagram at: mswithmissalex


I’ve found this little gem that I’m going to pass on to you. Its a great little app that I really like. It helps you find what stores certain pieces are available.
With all of that being said, my must-haves would be mules. They are super cute, comfy and stylish. Although I miss my heels horribly, I can still be stylish shuffling along.

Wishing you all a fantastic Thursday. As always I’ll end this with; do something nice for someone, it could make a difference in their world.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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