Following fashion rules and feeling good about yourself


I awoke this morning with a haze in my head and noodles for legs. Did I do anything to earn that feeling? Did I over do it yesterday? Absolutely not, the biggest thing I did was decide to start talking about fashion in this blog.

Sometimes MS can just be that way, some days we are semi human, moving about like everyone else. Other days we’re spent before our feet even touch the floor.

Today is one of those days. Today I didn’t tend my pups, but instead laid in bed. Lance took care of them. He’s a good man, picking up the slack when I’m a spent beotch.

Afterward we laid in bed drinking coffee and reading the headlines. Eventually Lance decided to do more trim work on the house and I attempted to get up and get moving.

At around 9:00 am I called my eldest. Today is our every two week pedicure date. I LIVE for this little luxury he treats me to. I mention to him that I’m going with white on my toes. He says NOOOO it’s fall. I tell my boy I am absolutely doing white.


While I do follow some fashion rules, like dress your age , and never wear something you’ve worn as a teen after turning 30. I don’t follow the whole not wearing white in the winter months rule. I’ve always thought that was silly to limit yourself because of the time of year.

Another rule I find to be silly is the sequins only at night. I love throwing bling into an outfit regardless of what time it is. Some rules were just made to be broken. So by golly, I’m going to break them.


My thinking is if I like it, it makes me feel good, and I’m comfortable with it, then damn it, I’m going to do it!

Comfort is always a big consideration for me. Take today for instance. I have a chill about me. While it’s well into the 80’s, I have goose bumps and shiver every now and again. My plan for an outfit today included Bermuda shorts, white sleeveless t-shirt with a long sleeve denim shirt on top and white flip flops to show off my pedicure.


The layers of this outfit will allow for the changes my body will go through during the course of the day. The denim shirt will keep me warm enough and the sleeveless shirt for when I get too warm. After all it is 87 degrees outside and I don’t want to get over heated, which adds to fatigue.

My big tip for this entry is if you suffer with heat/cold intolerance, be prepared. For some reason dr’s tend to concentrate on heat intolerance, even though there are a bunch of us that suffer with cold intolerance as well. Those with body temp issues have to think ahead. My other tip would be wear what makes you feel good. But always…I beg of you always make sure clothes are age appropriate. You don’t have to show off your goodies to still be seen as attractive the older you get.

Now that I’m home and in my comfy attire, I’m going to perch on my couch like I do when having a day like today.


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

2 thoughts on “Following fashion rules and feeling good about yourself”

  1. I think that that white looks fab, especially with your skin tone. I suffer with both heat and cold intolerance, at the moment here in the UK it’s my perfect weather as, although it’s autumn, it’s not too cold yet. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I like wearing white regardless of time of year. Sorry you deal with heat and cold intolerance as well. Dr’s never talk about that side of things. Hoping your weekend is fantastic, filled with good temps and sunshine. Thank you for reading.

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