The devastation from hurricane Michael

I have to say I am more thankful for God’s great mercy than I have ever been in my entire life. To say I have been through many, many trying times in my life would be an understatement.

The loss of a husband, sisters, both parents and grandmother have if anything, leathered my skin. I’m far from thin skinned in regards to life and loss of life. I’ve dealt with it more times than anyone should. The one thing I’ve always held on to was the faith I was raised with. My mom taught me at a fairly young age that God can and will see us through everything and anything. I’m good in the thought that everything is in Gods control. Life, death the whole shabang.

With my faith being what it is, I have always looked at it ( mortality) as if the person that had passed had fulfilled their duties on earth. I believe we all do a service in life. Some good and some not so good, but when we part here it’s because our little part in this great big world is done. The term resting easy always reminds me of that. It’s as if to say their job was done and they are now they’re resting easy.

I’ve also looked at my own life in the same fashion. Thinking ok, when I go I’ll be ok with it because my job here will be done. Mission accomplished! I hope when my part here is done, people can look back and think I made a positive impact in this ugly world we live in.

I still feel that way to a certain degree, but today made me cling to everything and everyone a little bit harder. I felt my part was unfinished, making me desperate to make it through.

I felt fairly prepared for the storm heading our way. After all my boy David dressed us up with plenty of supplies (because the stores near me ran out). We had been also able to get some things ourselves. Dog food, cat food etc.

I felt pretty good about things going in. I had been through several hurricanes in the past. The worst being Opal, just an FYI Opal was NOTHING in comparison to Michael. This was something that had never hit this area ever!

Lance and I were hunkered down and ready to ride out the storm with our pups and the boys if they wished to come. Neither wanted to, I think we may bore them. Lol. That’s ok, I never wanted to HAVE to hang out with my Da either.

Jake said he was fine and the area he was not in a flood zone. , I said ok, you’re grown. Luckily, I was not in a flood zone. David on the other hand was in zone C. Not good at all!!

I called, txted and even implored his brother to talk sense into him. Jake said “mom I told him, I hope he changes his mind, because he does NOT need to stay in his house”. I agreed, but with David being almost 30 I can’t very well “TELL” him a damn thing.

Sweet David blew us both off, but thankfully around 2AM Wednesday David came walking in, with even more supplies. Lance and I were sleeping on the couch when we heard the door. I got up and was so very happy I could have cried.

They wound up doing a mandatory evacuation in his neighborhood. I was grateful as any momma could be to have been to have her kid safe.

We slept off and on, David sleeping in Jakes old room and Lance and I on the couch ready to do whatever if things got crazy earlier than anticipated

I’d have to say around 10-11 AM things started to get even more worrisome. The news outlets advising that the storm would be a high 4-5 cat hurricane. With winds up to 145 MPH, btw they topped out with gusts up to 175.

I thought there’s no way in hell that would happen. You all know the optimist I am. Even in the face of danger I’m going to, if anything pretend the glass is half full. It wasn’t, but I put forth the effort. If anything I’m proud of that.

Around 1 pm the wind clocked in out of the North. Sinuses started clogging as did my ears. Dizziness was unnerving, but what was more unnerving would be the sound of wind whipping around under my roof but inside the ceiling. It felt like it was pretty quick, when in reality it took several hours of us moving from room to room as we could hear the roof peeling back.

My brand new roof was toast. If that wasn’t bad enough it started pouring rain inside the house. That didn’t worry me as much as when we could see the sky through our kitchen ceiling through a gaping 5×6 hole.

During all of this commotion I was rattled to the core. My beloved old house being torn apart. The house I raised my boys in, the house my husband died in, the house my new husband and I decided to start our life together in….gone.

With all of those emotions going on we had still been going from room to room trying to escape the wreckage of our beloved home.

I was crying the whole time, I was crying out to God to please save us, keep us and protect us. I was crying out to God to please make sure my Jakey boy was ok and to protect him.

I was so thankful my David made it back home, but those two are a matching set. I literally NEED them both, them and my hubby keep me going. They literally are the legs I walk on. Lance was a rock today, between him and David I was able to deal. Not well mind you, but deal all the same.

The thought of losing one of them would quite literally be the end of me. After the roof blew off we went to an exterior room off of the garage. It has its own entrance leading into the house and into our laundry room.

We stayed there literally 15 min before more hell arrived. Lance opened the attic access panel and literally the wind was sucking the air out of the room. I’m not 💯 sure but I think there was a tornado touching down in the area. The suction was incredible.

Lance and David said we need to leave the house. I was crippled with fear I didn’t want to go. It was horribly scary inside but it was even scarier outside. The wind was insane. They decided we needed to go to the cars. I said I’m not going unless the dogs go, and go they did. We got all my pups and we headed out the kitchen door under the carport where the cars had been parked. We got them all in the car with the exception of Vivi who decided to hide.

Picture it Lance, me, David and 3 75+lbs dogs all sitting in mine and Lances Cadillac. We wound up waiting out the worst of it in my CTS, then David took Sampson and sat in his car. That was worrisome as well. My porch was ripped clear off the house and David’s car was right next to it.

I was scared to death the carport would fall on both cars killing the whole lot of us.

Finally the winds died down enough and Lance had David move his car and Lance moved our car just on the off chance the carport collapsed. Luckily it didn’t, about an hour after that David put in to go check on his brother who was about 15 min away walking distance.

I was worried to death and not wanting him to go, but I also wanted to make sure Jake was ok. Before leaving Lance and David went back into the house with the roof caving in in the living room, spare room and kitchen and found the cat. GO David!!!! He was quite the hero coming out to the car where I sat, Vivi clinging to him and handed her to me. She was in Jakes bedroom ( which is now hers) perfectly fine. The only two rooms on the house that didn’t suffer roof damage was Vivi’s bedroom and the bathroom.

The whole time David was worried about everyone else. He went and checked on the Daniels (my step daughters in laws)and then headed off to Jake and to his best friends (Chases) brothers home to make sure they were ok.

David wound up returning with Jake and Jakes best friend Ray. Jake came running to me, both of us choked up. He said “Mom I’m so sorry about the house”. He knows how I’d always loved it so.

So I think the house is a complete loss, does this break my heart? Very much so, but the fact that God saw us through, unscathed is a gift. I truly don’t think without Gods great mercy we would have made it out of there.

All I could say is I have 17 or 18 yrs (can’t remember which) in that house full of wonderful moments, filled with a lot of love and a boat load of tears. I always say everything for a reason, I’m sure there are good things coming.

Now for a new chapter in mine and the hubbies life, this will be a fresh start. We’re going to get through and still enjoy every day that we’re given. Without Lance,David and Jake along with my wonderful pets I don’t know what I’d do. Don’t get me wrong they all piss me off on occasion, but we’re a tight group.

I told Lance and David if my faith has ever faltered its renewed after today’s events. I can still say God is great every single day., even on a day like today.

I thank God I was raised the way I was. Without the foundation that I had, I surely would have fallen to pieces. Thanks to my mom in times of crisis I turn to God for strength and courage.

I wrote this the night of the hurricane while trying to sleep in my car with Lance, the pups and the cat. It wasn’t fun but we’re all alive so my glass is STILL half full.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

6 thoughts on “The devastation from hurricane Michael”

  1. You and your family endured a living nightmare Alex and made it out intact. I’m so happy to hear you are all unscathed. When I saw the pics of the devastation, and saw houses reduced to kindling, I was worried. I’m sure it will take a while to sort everything out and get the house rebuilt, but it is something you can replace

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    1. Exactly. If anything we’ll be busy for quite a while with this new (not expected) project. Thank you for your concern for me and the fam. The outpouring of love and compassion have been overwhelming at times. M

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I am so sorry for the devastation of your home. I am so glad all of you (pets too) are ok. You have really found your niche with writing. You are such a good story teller. This could be published. Maybe a book is in your future!

    Liked by 1 person

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