Displacement and disability

Displacement while being disabled is a truly frightening place to find ones self. I am desperately trying to cling to my glass is half full way of being, but truth be known I’m struggling to find the silver lining in this quandary I find myself in.

I was telling the hubby I can’t believe this is happening to us. Homeless at 47 and 57, not that being homeless at any age is a good go, but sick and older make for an overwhelming situation.

Later in the day we went to Davids house, ya know the house that was in a flood zone? The one I was begging him to leave before something horrible happened? Well lemme tell ya, that town house was in stellar condition with the exception of a minor leak and a tree that fell in front of the front door. We could still make entry it was more of an inconvenience if anything.

We got inside and set up the dog kennels and got everyone situated with their food and water.

Have I told you all about how awesome my pets are? They are the most adaptable animals ever, they’re even keeled and well trained. even my goofy cat acted accordingly.

I had seen Jake several times, him his best friend Ray and Rays mom made it over the the house before we left for David’s. Seeing all of them made me feel better about Jake, knowing he was with them was comforting if anything.

Although the power was out at David, Chase and Jesse Lynn’s house and we had no internet or phone, their house was at that point right up there with the Waldorf Astoria.

You don’t realize what a luxury it is to be in a sound structure with roof over your head. The night before we slept in the cars, parked in my driveway with all 3 dogs and the cat. Needless to say a wet wipe bath, brushing our teeth and laying in an actual bed felt like we were walking in tall cotton.

I slept…..I slept like the dead.

my family was safe and I was feeling blessed. Hard times make for a major appreciation of each and every thing we take for granted.

While everyone sleeps, I write. Anxiety getting the better of me. I’m an A type personality. Not being in control is unnerving at best.

I tried sleeping but was Jostled awake in a panic, thinking I was going to die.

I know, it was an irrational fear, but the mind after dealing with such a horrifying experience is usually left on high alert, regardless if its rational or not.

I stressed and worried about money as well as my pups. Hamm hasn’t been feeling his best. Panting and acting like something is caught in his lungs. It’s worrisome as you all know I worry about them like I do about my boys.

I wrote the first portion of this on the 12th. Today it is the 23rd. I’m still very anxious and still clinging to hope. Hamm is doing better and is breathing well. I’m thankful.

Lance,I and 2 of my 3 pups and my cat are in Mobile Al. I can’t really complain, we have A/C, electric, clean water and the fine folks at Drury hotels are taking very good care of us.

Lance and I grabbed a burger at Ruby Tuesday’s today for lunch and as I sat there thinking how lucky we are that we lived through that. I looked at my hubby with tear filled eyes and broke down crying. I hate to admit I punked out and cried. Thinking about how bad I just wanted to go home. Nerve pain was stupid today and all I wanted was to crawl into MY bed, in MY house.

I have so many people telling me how brave I am, I’m not. I cried like a little baby wanting her blanket. I wanted the safety and security my home offered when pain set in. Unfortunately that wasn’t in Gods plan any more. I know I’ll find another source of comfort when pain gets stupid. I’m not looking for pity at all. Just stating how unnerving uncertainty is when dealing with pain and or disability.

I know we’ll make it through of course , because we’re resilient and have many people in our corner. I just have to say it’s more than uncomfortable being displaced and being disabled.

Please keep the prayers coming and thanks for reading. Tomorrow’s a new day and filled with possibilities.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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