As I sit….

As I sit on this Thanksgiving Day. I think about my boys and my cutie patootie hubby. That is what I’m thankful for this thanksgiving day.

I refer to a them as duckies or turkeys on occasion. These boys aren’t just turkeys (every day folk/friends). They’re my ducklings.

My sissy Terri called them that (ducklings) because when I walked they always followed in line with me. Kind of like little sweet ducklings.

My ducklings…what a wonderful description of some wonderful children. My sissies descriptive skills were spot on. A more colorful woman I have yet to meet. She is greatly missed.

Don’t get me wrong they can be asses as can I. They come by it honestly, I’m an ass as are they. We say what we’re thinking and worry about the consequences after. I have to say it’s part of our charm. If you don’t like it then get to steppin’. .

We are definitely a tell it as we see it kind of people. Nothing to be ashamed of at all in my opinion. We’re not for the weak of heart by any means. We’re opinionated and hard headed, passionate and mouthy. I’ve raised them that way and I’m proud of that. I’ve raised strong, and confident young men. They are my greatest accomplishment by far!

The level of confidence they have far exceeds what I had at their age and to be quite honest still exceeds my confidence level.

Their resilience I would have to say they have absolutely learned from me. They’ve seen me struggle sick and tired working regardless of how I felt. We’ve been through it and have always comes through smelling like a rose.

After all, tough times make for great people. We’ve had more than our fair share of great times, but we’ve also had our share of hard times as well. All of these things WILL make us better than before! My kids prove it every day.

Today was a really rough day. Lance and I went out to the house and property that also houses our newly acquired FEMA trailer. It still hadn’t been hooked up to power and still isn’t cleared to live in. I’m hoping it will happen this week.

I admit I was a bit bummed and not wanting to do any Turkey day fun. Depression setting in? Maybe, it’s been a hell of a month and a half. Home gone, memories scattered about etc. all of this had me a bit sad.

I’m a always of the thinking the cup is half full, today I felt it was half empty.

My body hurting and MS kicking my ass added to the stress. After all who in the fuck wants to do any celebrating when they feel like dirt? Feet burning numbness spreading and I was like why I’m the hell bother???

Then I got a call from my youngest Jake. He wanted to go see his brother and wanted to drop off food from his best friends Momma.

They’re super sweet people. I’m assuming Jake told them how I didn’t want to go out to eat. He had wanted Chinese food, but me? I HAD to have turkey for it to be a TRUE thanksgiving holiday.

I think that boy made a concession to make sure I had what I wanted for my fav holiday.

Thanksgiving has always been my fav holiday. My Mom and Da always made Turkey day the best!!!

Btw you don’t know a true holiday until you spend it In a Hispanic household. There’s awesome smelling food, tons of laughing and dancing and singing. Man do I miss my younger years. Best years ever!!!

Although as much I hate to admit I was feeling sad and maybe a bit sorry for myself and my community, I thought of my boys who always (much like myself) try to make the most of a bad situation, I was going to pull my head out of my ass, stop feeling sorry for myself and pull myself up by my bootstraps and keep on keepin’ on.

God’s plan is God’s plan, life is going to keep on keeping on regardless.

So while today wasn’t perfect, it was perfect given the situation and I’m still thankful I have a great husband and kids. Yes they all work my last nerve but they’re a life saver in any situation.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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