My heart overflows.

Today was a rough day. There’s no getting around it. It was cold and overcast in Panama City. Cold is NOT my friend.

Thanksgiving was nice but I was glad to be done with it. I am so very ready to be moving forward with things.

Back to my original thought…. sorry I’m like a squirrel on crack these days. Staying on track is getting harder and harder. I’m sure the overwhelming things my family and I have endured have played a part in my scattered thoughts. It is still unnerving and upsetting.

Today Lance and I woke determined to get more accomplished.I received a call from AmeriCorps letting me know they were en-route to our house to remove more debris.

Lance and I got up and started moving about. He walked all three pups, while I made calls.

I made my call to FEMA, at which time they let me know without the counties inspection the power company would NOT come out and we could NOT move in.

I then called the building Dept. I spoke with a man who told me they are closed in observance of Thanksgiving. I started crying to this man that I HAD to have a sticker on a new power pole or we could NOT get hooked up or move in. As I cried to this man I felt like a complete idiot. I am a strong woman, but even the strongest are subject to tears when overwhelming things occur.

This hurricane has been overwhelming at best for me. This man was very patient and very, very understanding of my plight.

He took my number and address and told me he would work on it. I truly did not think he was really going to do anything. After all they are closed today, and why should this person work for free?

Well lemme tell ya, he called back and told me he had someone going to my property to inspect the pole. I thanked him profusely! I also wrote to the local paper and the news station to let them know about him and his dedication. This is what I wrote:

just wanted to let you folks know about Rick Holmes who is in charge of the building Dept. A kinder person I have yet to encounter. This is what I wrote on my FB regarding my interaction with this man today:

HUGE shout out to Rick Holmes!!!!!! Spoke with him this morning about getting an inspection sticker for our power pole. As embarrassed as I am I broke down crying when he told me they were closed today. He took my address and said he’d work on it. He absolutely sent someone out and we have our sticker. Power should be on later today for us to move in. Thank you JESUS!!!!

This is one of the many kind people that make this county 850 strong.

I don’t know him personally, but the fact that he took the time to call me back and had someone come out to do the inspection speaks very highly of his level of compassion and care he dedicates to this little county.


Alexandra Pierce-King.

Unfortunately we could not move in until Gulf power and FEMA came out, which didn’t come to pass.

Such is life. Everything in God’s time. While outside I had gotten very dizzy, tired and spastic.

I wound up telling Lance that I needed to go back to the hotel to lie down. I got back, got right back into my pajamas and laid down before I fell down.

My hubby was txting with his youngest, Marci. She is a sweet young lady, and she’d invited us to Thanksgiving, but we didn’t go. Between the 3 dogs, Daisy having an upset tummy, and my being so sad, we didn’t think either of us would be very good company.

Had Jake not come and drug us out the door, we probably would have just stayed at the hotel ignoring the holiday all together. We did appreciate Marci’s invite, it meant a lot.

Lance and I really need to make more of an effort to go visit with them, it’s just really hard even on good days it seems. Not feeling sorry for myself, just stating the facts as I always do.

As I was laying in bed messing around on FB, Marci messages me and asks if I like dresses or skirts and what my size is. I told her I wear both, although rarely go out so to please not spend money on anything for me.

She tells me there is a lady that is donating Lou La Rhue clothing to hurricane Michael survivors. I have heard great things about this brand. I’ve heard it’s very, very comfortable. These days comfort is key. Marci messaged me and the lady donating so we could have a group chat. I gave all of my info and should be expecting a package soon. I have to say Marci went above and beyond and I’m so very appreciative.

Lance and I are some really lucky parents. We did something good having our offspring and it’s coming full circle.

Today was a rough one as I said earlier, but tomorrow is another day filled with possibilities.

Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

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