The things I probably shouldn’t admit,but will anyway٩◔̯◔۶

So I didn’t do a whole lot today with the exception of sitting in the travel trailer listening to the wind howl outside. I admit I sat there a little scared with my pups. Scared because the wind was literally moving the trailer. Needless to say I still remember hurricane Michael all too vividly

My pups weren’t as scared as the last storm/weather related issue. That for some odd reason calmed me to a certain degree, I always watch them to see their reaction in times of stress. Everyone was chill but me.

Last night was a shit show, I was tossing and turning all night long. I had a nightmare that a storm was coming and my sweetie wanted to go to a boat ramp to watch the atorm roll in. All of this was in the name of science, after all my hubby is the science guy. A physics teacher that loves his feild. In the dream we were in a beautiful condo several stories up. Oddly enough I was ok being up in a high rise, God knows I’m afraid of heights. But in the dream it was better than being ground level.

In my dream I went against my very strong feelings and went with Lance in our car to a boat ramp to watch the storm roll in. I remember getting very anxious, starting to hyperventilate. It was very much a nightmare. I was gasping for air and woke the same way, gasping for air. I woke and realized I was dreaming and all was good.

Well let me tell ya folks, it was a rough dream leaving me mad as hell when I woke up. I woke and shuffled off to the bathroom because I’m forever having to pee. Got back to the bed and Lance was up asking what was wrong. I told him of my dream, he said I was silly, and he’d never do that. He got up and walked the dogs. After all bad weather was coming and they need to poop and pee. Good hubby to say the least♥️

Well my day went on wind howling, me laying around like a lump on a log. Too afraid to do anything of consequence for fear I’d be in a position to where I couldn’t breath.

Lance finally came home, on time as always, but it felt like forever. I was elated to see him, we talked about dinner and decided we needed to go to the store for blue cheese etc. As quick as he said it, I sprang into action. Not really, but it sounds good and makes me chuckle as I write this.

We get there and it’s packed, thankfully there are scooters available. Unlike that shithole Walmart they (Publix) actually provide for their disabled customers.

The store is jam packed, wall to wall people shopping for Easter dinner. Well kiss my ass and call me Daisy. I was none too happy about all the people. It made things much too hard to maneuver through the store.

We went from aisle to aisle shopping, it was congested but it was working in the scooter for the most part. When all of a sudden some woman walked in front of me looking dead at me and not even apologizing for being a rude asshole. I was livid, she just casually walked in front of me in her ridiculous frock, like she was someone of importance and deserved to be let ahead. When I say this lit my ass on fire I’m putting it mildly.

This woman acting like that infuriated me. I made sure when I saw her several times throughout the store to say something about her and her ridiculous dress to where she could hear it. I probably shouldn’t think this way but she came really close to getting a foot run over with a scooter. Sorry not really. I may be hypersensitive right now and I’ll try and get my attitude right but she really rubbed my ass raw. Never on my biggest asshole day did I ever act that way. She really better hope I never run into her on a good day, because it won’t be a good day for her😉

Before posting this I had my sweetie read over it. He said it was a bit strident and I may want to rethink what I wrote about that goofy woman. I chose not to, if I’m anything I’m plain spoken and will be true to this blog, that you can all be assured of. Life can be stressful at times and tomorrow will hopefully be better than today.

Keep it positive folks, every day is filled with possibilities😊

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Author: mswithmsalex

A funny gals take on the ups and downs of dealing with MS. The stuff people don't like to talk about. The hilarious situations I've found myself in. I hope this brings laughter to a disease that isn't very humorous

8 thoughts on “The things I probably shouldn’t admit,but will anyway٩◔̯◔۶”

  1. Oh the joys of shopping! I wonder what they are? Certainly nothing I’ve ever experienced. This past week I had to pick something up at the depot, and found they don’t take cards. Had to go to the ATM and come back. You know, ordinary people don’t need extra trips made for them and those of us who find regular trips a challenge REALLY do not need them. I hate crowds too. I’ve been known to put my three items back rather than try to remain standing through a check-out line that’s too long because the store manager doesn’t keep the fast-check line staffed. It’s bad enough having to sit in the car and catch up on breathing before going to the next stop. It’s like a marathon every time. Every damn time.

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  2. I’ve never been in a Walmart that didn’t have scooters, the problem I’ve experienced is the obese people in leggings, who walked in the store just fine and take a scooter. Maddening.

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    1. The one here is very limited as far as the number of them. As far as the obese people they may need them as well. Walmart needs to invest in more in my area. I’ll just get my own so I don’t have to stress if they have any available.


    1. Right? It’s unreal the way people act. I’ve always been super dillengent to get out of someones way if they’re in a scooter. It’s bad enough having to use one, but to then make that usage even more difficult is just gross behavior.

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  3. Alex, thanks for sharing you bad days with us. There are several times I feel the same way and don’t like to admit them. I went on an amazing vacation over spring break to Europe and the people there are SOOOO rude, they think nothing of budging in front of people like that woman. They sometimes say Americans are the ones who are rude, not this time. I was worried I would have issues in another country but because the weather was so mild, I made it without issues. I come back – we live in the North East – and today, I go out to see my daughter in opening day for softball and I’m absolutely freezing. My finger tips were frozen and I could only stay for the opening announcements and to watch warm ups but I couldn’t stay to see her play. Even while I am writing this, feeling in my fingers is just coming back. I love watching her play because she loves it – but I hate that the cold weather bothers me so much. Maybe I should move to Florida…

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    1. I suffer in the cold as well. Heat is not so bad for some of us MSers. I’d rather be hot and tired with blurred vision than spastic and cold.
      I suppose people are rude no matter where you go regardless if it’s ijbthe states or out of the country. Pretty sure I made that lady hang her head to a certain degree as I don’t hold my tongue and made my thoughts known. 😉


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