While people generally begin lives when they leave home, my family (myself and my sons) began our lives when we left the big city of New York and came to Panama City Florida. It was a very difficult move for us. At the time my boys was five and three years old. I started my family when I was seventeen. So needless to say I was dependent on family. To be more specific I was dependent on my father as well as my children’s father and his family. When coming to Panama City from Brooklyn I had no idea what to expect. I had only visited once when I was sixteen years old. What I found when I arrived was very surprising. I experienced culture shock in the most severe degree.
In New York there are many different walks of life. While here in Panama City it was at that time primarily Southern people that had been born and raised here. At the time there was only a few Chinese restaurants. So needless to say there was not a lot to choose from. The night life consisted of Spinnaker and La Vela. Restaurants didn’t deliver. The only museum was the children’s museum. So while this was very different to me, because in New York there is a lot of night life as well as different cultures, foods and museums, I came to love this little town for all of its simplicity.
It worked out well because my main concern was raising my boys in a safe place, and teaching them morals and values. The downside was coming from NY and being Hispanic made me stick out like a sore thumb. People stared a lot, where I come from staring is construed as a sign of aggression. With me being the proud Hispanic Yankee I was a tad on the aggressive side myself. So needless to say the first few years had been very tense. To this day I still say I paved the way for all Hispanics in Bay County.
But with two small children I didn’t have much time to worry about people staring at me.
I registered my oldest boy in school and went on with life. I bartended and waitressed and became more comfortable with the new me. The independent me, I was for the first time on my own and growing more and more comfortable in my own skin. I became confident, so confident I wanted to try my hand in sales. I went to work in car sales and did very well.
As my kids grew or should I say as we all grew. I met a wonderful man and married, he was a fantastic husband and stepdad. I learned a lot from my husband as did my children. A more patient person I’ve never met. After many years in the car business I grew tired of the hustle and decided to try my hand in Real Estate.
While in Real Estate I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was a challenge all in itself. Not knowing exactly what MS was is what really scared me. So while going through the necessary testing (MRI and a Spinal tap) I educated myself. I looked into what was the worst case scenario and what the best case scenario was. I found that the disease is very unpredictable. For instance I’ve went from being perfectly healthy and even somewhat athletic to not being able to move my right side. I went from walking fine to having to use a walker, and that’s not even touching on the cognitive issues I’ve dealt with. When I lived in New York, I was a healthy young mom of two boys. And living here in the South I found myself very sick , my pride was taken down a notch but still very happy because I had the man of my dreams and my boys had the benefit of a wonderful upbringing.
During this time I was humbled beyond belief. It opened my eyes to different situations. My health issues made me realize how you can be on top of the world one minute and down in the dirt the next. I feel all this made me a more compassionate and better person. I appreciate everyone and everything in my life.
As everyone knows the Real Estate market took a nose dive, so I got out while the getting was good. In the meantime my boys grew into wonderful young men. I started working at the police/fire department as a dispatcher. My wonderful husband who was still in the car business passed after a long battle with lung cancer. He is missed beyond belief. So even though this little lady came from a pretty rough area of Brooklyn, I wound up with an honorable job and great family. Which If you know anything about Brooklyn you know I beat the odds.
Now with my boys grown and out on their own and my husband’s passing. I’m starting to work on the things I’ve always wanted to experience and accomplish. And with that in mind, I’m pursuing my education. My husband had an incredible amount of faith in my abilities, and I’m sure if he was here he’d be cheering me on telling me as he always did “honey you can do anything you want to”. So anyone considering a big move as I did seventeen years ago I say take a risk and do it. It may lead you to wonderful things. As it did me, even with all of the hard times I’ve experienced, I know my big move was worth it.

This is an older blurb but it gives a snippet of my life as it was back in 2012

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Do you expect everyone with MS to have the same experience as you? Would you like others to say you are jumping on a bandwagon to bring awareness?

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    1. I would welcome someone saying I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Because I am jumping on the MS bandwagon. It’s drug me along for 14 yrs I may as well jump on it. But thank you for bringing something none related to this blog to the forefront. Kudos to you!


  2. My name is Wendy Thompson Acosta. Last night I happily found your blog then my husband of 22 years and I just laughed and laughed at your antics! I feel very connected to you since in 2005 we moved to Georgia from Central Florida then I found out I had MS. I feel so disconnected here as we have never ‘fit’ in! I want to be able to keep up with you, but don’t know how for free. Happy Easter to you and your family!

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    1. Hey Wendy, nice to meet you. Glad you both enjoyed my blog. It’s a great outet for me dealing with the ups and downs involved with this disease. I’ll look you up on FB. Happy Easter to you the family. 💜


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