A little help could really make a difference.

So today started pretty normal, with the exception of my hubby getting up to feed the dogs without me waking.  He’s such a sweetie, he was able to get out of the bed and tend the dogs without waking me up. Go figure he’s the one that works and should be sleeping in. Instead he went about the chores letting me rest. When I did wake up I had a raging headache. That’ll learn me, being a lazy lima bean does NOT pay off. I think I may have slept too much. Regardless I appreciate my hubby’s thoughtfulness.

I wasn’t going to let a headache ruin my shine. I got up, talked to my bestie Jan for a bit and talked to another very sweet and very wise friend about looking at things from a different angle. She is super sweet and very sharp. Definitely up there on my go to list of people for advice. I had a great chat with both of them and then got ready for my day.  All four of the pups in high gear running through the house is quite the sight. They have a big time and a very good life here at the pup preserve. The joy those pups bring is immeasurable.

We head out, stop for Kambucha at Target where they always have a good deal on them. I get the 2 for 5 deal they had on one. I’m always out for a good deal. I flat refuse to pay full price if I don’t have to. While most brag about how they spent XYZ on an item because it’s pricey, I’m the opposite. I may not be working for my money these days, but my hubby works his ass off for every dime we have. So I go for the bargain. Ive always been proud of my frugal ways. Bring it to the register, ring it up and its 5.74$. I read somewhere where people had been getting over charged at the self check out at Target. Well by golly it wasn’t going to be me. I call the lady over and tell her my merchandise was being over charged. I did this in haste (note to self slow down before making yourself look stupid) I didn’t realize that was with tax. Oy, I felt like a dumbass before it even came out of her mouth. I apologized and she chuckled. Got out of there with a quickness, because I felt like a moron. Oh well at least I made the clerk chuckle.

Lance and I head to St. Andrews (which is considered down town) one of my fave parks is there and that’s usually where we go for walks. It’s right next to the marina. I love that area. It has an old town feel to it. The older I get the more I appreciate stuff like that.

We’re in luck, they have the sidewalk market going on. It’s a really cool Saturday thing they do throughout the Spring and Summer. They (vendors) sell fresh veggies, Art, crafts, homemade soaps etc. You get the picture. It’s a nice daytime thing to do if you have nothing going on and we didn’t, so it made for a nice chill Saturday.  It was bit chilly so we looked around and left.

We then went on Beach drive. Beach drive is beautiful, there are gorgeous (Victorian style) homes across the street from the beach. There is a little spot where us common folk who don’t live there can park and get out and walk the beach. This is considered a small beach but isn’t our beach, beach. No condos or anything there. It’s more of a residential area in town. So we get out after having our songfest in the car. Lance and I do this a lot. We have the same taste in music. It’s a big time, but probably would be torture for people to listen to, so we keep it for times when we’re alone. You’re welcome:)


We had a good time and I got my dose of sand in my shoes. So we scooted out and headed for home. It was a bit chilly and I didn’t want to run the risk of getting spastic from the cold. Thats always a downward spiral it seems. I get cold and my body gets tight and the spasms start and don’t stop. I got out while the getting was good.

I get home, pups are very happy to see me as always. One thing about dogs they’re always happy to see you. Whats not to love about that? So David comes in and tells me “Mom that lady was here to see you” I’m like what lady? you’re going to have to be more specific”.  Sometimes I think he just does this to get my goat. It did. He tells me that lady you helped a while ago. I get to thinking and then I remembered. I didn’t post about it on social media because I can’t stand when people do the right thing and then brag about it.

I’m only sharing because I think this is a positive story that may encourage others to also do the right thing.  Several months ago Lance and I are in our usual position on the couch, when we hear a knock at the door. It’s neither of the boys, because they both have keys. I knew it wasn’t Jan because she always calls before coming. Who the hell could it be?  Well it was a woman, she had a bike with her and looked like she was going through a rough time, she was thin as a rail. She said ma’am I hate to bother you but I’m hungry. I told her to hold on and have a seat on the porch because my dogs are very aggressive. She understood since as we was talking the dogs was trying to get at her. They’re a mess. But they’re my mess, so don’t judge.

I went inside, made her a couple of sandwiches got her some bottled water, feminine products ( just in case) and a new toothbrush and travel toothpaste (I keep them just in case someone stays over and needs one) made her a little care package. I don’t ever keep cash on me but remembered I had a 5 in my purse. I asked lance and he had a couple of singles. Gathered all this together and brought it to her. She hugged me, thanked me and blessed me for my efforts. We talked a bit and she said she had somewhere to go but she was just so hungry and knew she needed help. She said she was going to bring me the money back, I told her no worries and I was glad I could help.

When she came back to see me and I wasn’t there David greeted her. She went on to tell him she got a job on the beach and was living at a local apartment complex. I have to admit I never expected to see her again, but I am sure glad she came by to let me know she was ok. For weeks after she came by I thought about her and worried. It left me very sad that this woman was going door to door looking for help. When David told me that I got choked up that she took the time out of her day to come see me and let me know she was ok. I hope she comes by again, I’d love to chat with her. The night she came by I remember wondering if any of my neighbors opened their door to her. Doubtful though, because of the way people are these days. That lady just needed a little help and the little bit I did made a difference. I always say today is a gift, cherish it and do something good for someone, they’ll remember it.

So I leave this entry with please do your best to do a little something to help your fellow man. You don’t know their circumstance, so you can’t judge.

You all say sweaty. I say glistening


I used this pic because I look like a sweaty madwoman in it and that’s ok.
So as I sit in my dogs bedroom I’m having a legit conversation with Hamm (my fat ass pup) as to why he has to be there. See crazy Daisy my GSD isn’t eating very good here lately. Except when Hamm is there. The only reason she eats is because she doesn’t want him to get her food. Hamms a hog and she knows it. So I sit there explaining all of this to him. He looks like he understands. He’s a good old boy and complies. Every time he goes to walk off she goes away from her food. Then I call him back. She quick like runs back to her bowl feverishly eating. This gives me quite the chuckle.
It’s been a long day, I started a new chronic illness group. It’s for fun, positive interaction. It all started when I was part of another group and saw some really shitty behavior from one of their admins. She is nothing more than a cheeky cow as a friend of mine called her. I loved that expression!  She was a bully to several of the members. I couldn’t stay there and see her horrible behavior and not speak up. The old Alex would have dog cussed her, but the new Alex the new self reflecting Alex watched and waited until I couldn’t take no more. When I knew I was ready to get gone, I contacted the other admin and let them know what a deplorable character they had working as an admin. It’s never ok to be shitty to people regardless if your sick, rich/poor or the CEO of a company you have no right to treat people badly. At the end of the day we’re all the same thing, regardless of our situation, we’re all human, flesh and blood.  After I got it all off of my chest I excused myself from the group.
I started a new group.  A group with a positive and funny vibe. One where people can go and laugh a little. We all need a break from this and other chronic illnesses. So I started it, put the word out and so many people showed interest. This pleased me greatly. So be sure to check us out if you’re looking for a laugh or two the name of he group is sofaking:sick and tired of MS. It’s a play on words as my last name is King, I hang out on the sofa a lot these days and I’m so fucking sick and tired of MS. The credit for the name goes to my son David, he’s a smart young man I tell ya.
Later in the day my little duckie Jake came over for a visit. Between him and David they keep Lance and I chuckling. It had gotten pretty cold as the day progressed. It was 51 degrees and my body was stiff and I got a chill about me. I have a problem with body temp. My internal thermometer is off because of nerve damage. I started having tremors and spasms with chills. I was freaken freezing!! All that and I started sweating. It was a shit show for sure. The night before I woke up dripping in sweat while shivering. Back when this first started, when I was first dx’d I thought it might be menopause. How silly am I? I’ve been wishing for menopause for years.  After 14 yrs, I see these night sweats are not menopause. I asked a nuero a couple of years ago why this happened?  I got dead eyes and a rambling answer before he finally brought up my internal thermostat being off kilter because of lesions. Causing Disrupted nerve signals can cause confused sensations, such as suddenly feeling extremely cold or hot when there isn’t any logical reason for it.
Well ok all I needed was an explanation.  Thanks doc all I needed was an answer. .
MS that tricky bitch is still showing her ass as usual.
BTW I’m still waiting for menopause, it can’t get here soon enough.
So today is a new day and my group is taking off the members are a bunch of chill funny people, that I’m sure will bring me hours upon hours of chuckles.

We are THAT crazy family



I start this with that title because we are legit “that” crazy family.
I should start with saying we came here to Panama City Fl 23 yrs ago. We’re originally from Brooklyn NY.  Needless to say we as a family stick out like a sore thumb. The boys have acclimated pretty well. They’ve adjusted to a southern lifestyle. They say yes ma’am and no sir and have excellent manners. But those two are still and all NYers. Twisted,quirky and funny as all get out. They would go back to NY every summer and every other Christmas to visit their dad, stepmom and siblings. They had a well rounded childhood in my opinion. To hear them tell it it was just an ok childhood, mediocre at best. . Whatever. lol

Well enough of that background. The other day started kind of  blah. I woke and went to feed my sweet pups, little Daisy Mae gave me a run for my money. That pup gives me the business on the regular. I swear she reminds me of me, tall,brown and sassy. She didn’t want to eat. She pulled the same crap the day prior.  Needless to say I was getting worried. After dealing with that crazy heifer I get to relax.

I skim through FB and see where a fellow MSer from one of my MS groups passed away. Now THAT put me in a funk. People as well as dr’s say MS doesn’t kill you. It’s not like it’s cancer etc. well I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit. People with MS young and old die from complications due to MS. So yeah you can die from it. If you didn’t have it you wouldn’t  get the complications. So yeah in essence we die from MS. I know with myself every time I aspirate I worry I’m going to get pneumonia. I do this a lot. I do it while sleeping as well as when eating and drinking. We get urinary tract infections pretty regular which can turn sepsis and cause death.

I’m 47, kids raised etc, if I did kick what can ya do?  I’ve already led a full life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to check out, but ifI did, I’ve led a very good life. But young people with this disease makes for a very sad situation. The man that passed was way to young to go.

So I was in a funk.  I wasn’t cowbell funk. But a blah funk. Having the thought of a fellow MSer passing sitting in the back of my head. I shuffle around the house a bit and my son says come on mom lets go to the tanning bed. I didn’t really feel like it but I figured it might brighten my spirits some. We go tanning then he takes me to lunch at  Moe’s.  Jake calls and meets us. There we sat being the loud Yankees we are, laughing and cutting up. We was “that” family 💯 .  We went to Target and did some shopping. Retail therapy is always good. Those boys made me laugh so hard with their shenanigans.  They both have a rich sense of humor. Coming out with snarky comments left and right. This pleases me, in my opinion a quick wit is a sign of intelligence. Those boys are very quick on the take.

They have it in txt as well, I get random txt that they include me in, group txt which I’m not a fan of unless its from them . Not sure why they do it, I guess to keep me in the loop etc. I’ve never questioned it because it actually makes me laugh. Like why would I care if Becky got pregnant or why would I care if Joey was stepping out on his gal. But it makes me laugh all the same. Here are some funny txt I thought you’d all get a chuckle out of.

15420886_10153975037031945_6250601767242083794_nthis was me telling David not to come over until 10:30 because I was working 1:30-11:30 at that time and of course someone woke me up.

998370_10200144805198424_1825919959_nthis is one where David had my phone. Jake was telling me about his haircut, he legit thought it was me texting this. Like i’d ever talk to him like that lol

14355167_10153748942726945_7254728208144261550_n.jpgme asking David to come over because I was feeling really badly.


Evil and bitch wine. The boys thought I should know there was an appropriate wine for me.


Then there are the serious times. Times where I’m hanging on by a thread. Times I think I can’t do this. But my sweet hubby and kids pull me through



This was plasmapheresis, the flare I had going on was way too tough for the normal oral or  IV steroids. Plasmapheresis filters the blood. I’m not sure how or why this works for MS but it did help in my case. I had to have a line placed in my jugular, a line is run to the heart. While placing this they hook you up to a bunch of monitoring equipment. That equipment sends a message to the cardiac department as well as sounds an alarm if something is going wrong during placement. The dr. also has a screen he’s watching while placing it.  When they went to place this it was very early and my family hadn’t arrived. I was ready to get it over with so I told them “ok lets roll with it”. Little did I know I would be crying by the time placement was over. Picture it I’m in my hospital room, they prep me, making the area sterile so not too get infection. My head was covered so I couldn’t see what was going on. The dr numbed me and started with placement. All of a sudden my heart started hurting and I shit you not I thought I was dying. All I could think was NOOOOOOOOO my family isn’t here!!!!!! I actually said this out loud to the dr. and nurses. My blood pressure was dropping. The nurse got a call from the Cath lab down stairs that my BP was dropping. They was getting messages letting them know if there was an issue, so they could respond if need be. Amazing how advanced we are these days. The dr. adjusted the catheter and the line was placed. There’s only been one other time I felt like I was legit dying. I was on an interferon and it was causing my liver major issues. Kind of crazy how the body knows before we’re even told.

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Oh how this young man cracks me up.

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My family is definitely THAT crazy family and thats ok, because our crazy light hearted silly way of being keeps me chugging along. If it wasn’t for us being THAT crazy family I don’t know how I’d cope.

I hope some of our craziness brings you a chuckle. Life is short so laugh a little while you’re here. BTW my boys are grown, 28 and 25 hopefully the language doesn’t offend. They are after all grown men and as long as they’re not cursing at me I’m good with it.

Is it fake or is it being positive?

Turning your negative into a positive is literally in your own head. I truly in my heart of hearts believe this. We can look at things and think holy shit my life is screwed!!! Or we can look at things and think, ok if I look at this from a different perspective I can use it as a learning experience. I chose to learn rather than bitch.

Don’t get me wrong tough days are tough days. Days where things look rather bleak. I have em, we all have em. Then I look at my family. My kids, my sweet hubby and my bestie and think how dare I bitch about the cards I’ve been dealt. I got a lot to be thankful for.

The past couple of months have been incredibly painful for me. I was in bed a good majority of the time as well as shuffling around the house in my robe and signature cheetah slippers. I have several pairs, where I used to collect fancy high heels I now collect cheetah slippers. I may have a problem:) This is totally out of character for me. I’ve always been one to have my face on, hair done and dressed well.  I even wrote a couple of my blogs in bed. I vaped my MMJ on really bad days leaving me sleepy and even more miserable because I wasn’t being very productive around the house. The one thing I was happy about was blogging and sharing different things in my life. It was a release, it was communication when I didn’t have the strength to talk or visit. For that I’m grateful

I kept a smile on my face for my family because I didn’t want to turn into a total miserable bitch . But to say it was hard would be an understatement. It was very hard, but I kept a positive frame of mind, thinking there is a reason for this. There is something I’m going to learn from this. The thing I learned was to slow down. It’s ok if I rest, it’s ok if I don’t feel up to going to play golf with the hubby. It’s ok if I don’t want to cook dinner. I’m human and deserve to rest when I need to. It’s ok to say I’m not up for company I’ll let you know when I’m up to it.

Keeping with the positive and my faith has saved my ass time and time again. If I didn’t I would surely fall into despair. I’m for the most part a glass is half full kind of girl.

I know some people say I’m real, I don’t sugar coat. I don’t either if someone is an asshole I’m the first one to say hey you know what? You’re being an asshole! Being real doesn’t mean you have to be miserable 24/7. You can be real and be happy in your life. You can be real and still tell the truth and shoot from the hip and have a positive outlook. Anyone that knows me knows I’ll say what I’m thinking. But I do choose to be positive rather than negative and miserable.  It’s not fake it’s called survival instinct. Being positive gets me through the tough days. While some choose to say how “real’ they are and talk negative about their circumstance. I choose to be “real” and say yeah my life is rough but I’m thankful I have it. I’m thankful for my kids and hubby. Thankful for my old house. I’m just fucking thankful! Things could be so much worse!


In one of my groups I posed a challenge for people to post something positive or at least funny for 10 days. I was so happy when people participated. I think or at least I hope I brought something good to that group. If we can do something good in the world we’re still relevant. I may be sick and may not be able to work and do my part in the outside world any more but I can bring something positive through my writing.

I wound up having an awesome weekend, I had minimal pain. Thank God!!!! I played golf with the hubby and even got a birdy.  My hubby was super happy and proud of me. I may not be able to play all the time but damn it felt good to get out there. Today is also a minimal pain day. I’m super grateful to have a couple of days with not so much pain. I don’t have completely pain free days, but some are still pretty damn good. It’s amazing how your body adjusts to pain. I always say I would think I had died if I woke up one day pain free. lol. So I’m going to rock this decent feeling I have. Spring is coming so the cold won’t be kicking my ass any more. woo hoo

I’m hoping to be able to get back in my yard and work with my pretties, but I’m not going to stress it. I’m going to rest when I need to and enjoy the good days and stay positive on the bad ones.IMG_5513

I got a fever… and the only prescription is Cowbell

So the other day was a cowbell kind of day. Not sure if anyone will get that and I’m probably telling my age by sharing this.
Years ago there was a SNL sketch called cowbell. It aired in 2009. It featured Christopher Walkin, Will Ferrell and several other guys. It’s a really funny sketch. Every time I watch it I laugh hysterically.
The cold puts me in quite a bit of pain leaving me in a funk. When dealing with pain we have to find a bright spot. My bright spot is cowbell.
I’m pretty good about getting myself out of a funk. My go to is pulling up that sketch. It cracks me up every time. The other day was a dose x 4 of cowbell. I also shared it with my Sissy and my bestie Jan.

The hubby came home and we watched it again. He too is a fan of the cowbell episode.
I see people in different groups upset or angry about the different issues with MS. I get angry too. I get pissed off at my body and the different circumstances I find myself in with this disease. But then I think how can I turn this frown upside down? You guessed it, cowbell. Being silly and laughing a bit goes a long way when dealing with the different stresses we deal with. I also get chuckles with my stinky pups. But some days just call for the big guns, so cowbell it is. I encourage everyone to find their happy/silly spot.
It’s so important to laugh on the regular. My hubby and I have a lot of those silly times.  The other day I wasn’t in the best of moods so he put on Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. We sang like idiots. But when we got done we was laughing our asses off. I’ve seen in different groups where people condemn others for having a silly attitude or talking about the positive things going on in their lives. I’ve seen people write it’s probably all bullshit. I can say in my case its not. When things are good I say it. When things are bad I find something to make myself laugh or just stay quiet. Don’t get me wrong I have problems just like everyone else, I’m not saying I don’t. I just would rather focus on when things are good. Trust me my hubby and I argue as do my kids and I. I have horrible times with my MS, but I don’t concentrate on those. Negativity breeds negativity. I actually unfollowed one of my groups today because of the nasty attitude several of them have. I have a twisted sense of humor and post some crazy stuff, but I’m keeping it as positive as I can given my circumstances. We all have rough times, just don’t unpack your bags and live there. We’re only given a short time here so lets make the best of it.

Today was a good day (woo hoo go team Alex). My dog Daisy is driving me crazy but it’s not a far trip.  Yesterday was a painful/spastic day but I made the most of it and it wound up pretty damn good. I didn’t even have to pull out the old standby cowbell.

I would also like to say I do this blog as a diary and also to help newly diagnosed MSer’s NOT for self promotion or monetary gain. Its no more self promotion than let’s say a live video. It’s something I feel is very important. We all need to laugh a little and if you laugh at/with me thats great. That just means I’ve added something of service to this world. There’s no monetary gain and not looking for pity by putting myself out there. just stating the facts as I see them:)  Happy Friday folks26907874_10154989564686945_3180052502418714215_n

A little sass with your coffee? Yes please, make it extra snarky

Snarky and sassy is how I started my morning. My boy jake. Sends me this txt sometime last night. This is what I woke up to.


Jake the optimist (God love him) sends this to me. I’m not quite sure if he was saying he was going to do this or he was suggesting I do it. Either way it made me think.
I used to be somewhat athletic, playing golf and I worked out every single day. I still work out on occasion, but only when I’m having a good day. This is a rarity for me these days, but I do it when I can.



I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass with this last flare.
Being unable to do more than shuffle to the bathroom from my bedroom and the occasional trip to the store has led me lose considerable muscle. I have played golf a couple of times using my club as a cane. Definitely not the same golfer I was.  In my head I was a super star and heading toward the nationals. Yes I’m kidding. This last flare was the asskickingest flare I’ve had over the years.
I am still hopeful that I can rehab somewhat and get back some strength and stamina.
Back to my original thought, it seems as though most days I spend resting. But does my  sweet boy (the optimist) think I may be able to get healthy enough to do a biking event for MS? God I hope he doesn’t, id hate to let him down.  Although I feel passionate about MS and raising awareness, in my heart of hearts I know I won’t be rehabbed enough to conquer this bike ride.
It is important to keep positive for family and friends, (after all who wants to be around a Debbie downer?) sometimes it can feel like being positive can create pressure to be “normal”.
How do I handle times like these you ask? I’m a smart ass. I go into true Alex form. After all sass like MS is the gift that keeps giving and by golly I’m going to give it. I have a dry, snarky, sassy sense of humor. Anyone that knows me has come to expect as much, so I will not disappoint. Some people love it and some people hate it. The ones that don’t can kiss my mean ass.
The pressure lies with being positive and not wanting to disappoint. It can become a bit much.
For instance I went with my hubby to play golf yesterday after my friends funeral.  I was hell bent on making the most of the pretty day. After all we have to be grateful for every day we have. Mind you I wasn’t playing, just riding. As we rode around and Lance played (doing really well I might add) my body started hurting. Remember earlier I went to my buds funeral? I hadn’t taken my medication which in turn leads to a shit load of pain. I didn’t want to sit at the funeral stoned on meds.  I didn’t think that would be very respectful. So even just sitting and riding wound up being too much. Around the 15th hole I had my fill and put in to go home. I felt bad, but in reality I started hurting at the 11th hole, so I feel I held out like a champ. Lance begrudgingly agreed, he was having a stellar game I’ll say in his defense. I felt bad, but it was too much. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, I was left feeling like I let him down. The pressure I place on myself is far greater than any pressure anyone could put upon me. When my boy sent me that txt it made me think. For a second I though I should really try to do this. After all this would be something the old Al might do. This was something that was in the realm of possibilities not so long ago. These days not so much. We sickly folk get guilty from not being able to perform as we once had. It feels like we’re not meeting expectations. Mind you no-one is putting these pressures on me, but me. We can in fact can be our own worst enemy at times.
The new norm is an ass. I don’t like it one bit. But with that being said I’m hell bent on making it more bearable. I do plan on rehabbing as best I can. Do I think I’ll be doing a bike ride? Probably not. But once spring starts and it warms up outside I won’t have as much pain and I’ll get back to moving about more. I always say positive things happen to positive people and I’m positive I’m still a badass. 😉
My point to all of that rambling mess I just wrote was don’t beat yourself up, do the best you can. Folks will understand, but keep it positive and if you can’t be positive at least keep it sassy and snarky. If anything you’ll get a chuckle out of people. Have a great day folks! Put some sass in your coffee and make it an extra snarky Wednesday.

Regrets, try not to have em.


So last night I had an odd issue arise. I was eating the white chili I made Lance and I.  I had this weird feeling like my food was stuck, for a moment I thought I was choking. It wasn’t my usual aspirating issue, that I’ve become all to used to. It passed and then was so nauseas I thought I was going to puke.
Lance was in the other room, I told him it shook me up. He said “well honey I’m sorry I didn’t know. You need a button to press if I’m in another room” I said “there’s no way in hell I’m getting a life alert at 47 yrs old”. He then says “ no something to alert me, like a Lance alert.” That made me chuckle. He’s such a sweet hubby.
I get nauseas on the regular, because of pain, but this was different. At this point in my disease I’ve learned not to go running off to the hospital every time I have an issue. This too will pass, besides that what could they really do at the hospital? If I went to the hospital and told them of the issue that had since passed, I’d probably get dead eyes and a rambling answer as to them not knowing what happened. After all it’s not like they could give me a pill for what ails me. So why waste their/my time and money?
That’s my tip to the newly diagnosed. Get help if you feel you need it, but don’t waste the money and time if it’s not a straight up emergency. I didn’t know this when first dx’d and wasted a bunch of time/money in the ER. No one filled me in.
Earlier in the day I had a lot of leg weakness so maybe I’ll get some steroids. Not sure though because even with them there are consequences. Bone density issues, teeth issues etc. I love,love, love me some steroids. They sometimes give me a false sense of well being. I’ve taken them many, many times over the past 13 1/2 yrs.
No shame in my roid game.
So today I have a funeral. The funeral of a very sweet soul. I worked with him for many years, back when I sold cars. He was a hell of a guy and a very good salesman. He was such a good heart that if I was in the market I’d be comfortable buying from him. He was an honest guy with a great personality. He was good friend of Bobs. He (Bob) thought a lot of him which speaks volumes.
My kids sure liked him too. His name was Robert Pitts. My kids for some reason thought it was Pibbs when they was little leading them to think he was the owner of Mr. Pibbs soda (not real sure where they got that from). I’d refer to him as Pibsy. He thought that was pretty humorous.
I wish I had stayed in better contact with him and his wife.  It’s a shame we lose contact with people and then wind up going to their funeral regretful we didn’t keep up better. I remember old Pibsy like it was yesterday. When he liked someone he’d say “man that guys a cooool cat”. The way he’d say that made him a pretty cool cat. My point to that little story is to say I hate that we didn’t stay in contact, because Bob and I always thought he was a cool cat. He didn’t put on heirs, he said what he thought and didn’t pretend. He was the real deal and will be greatly missed.
My boy David is taking me so he can pay his respects. Lance was going to take me but since David is going he can stay at work. I’m glad David wanted to go, it’s important to pay respects. I know how much that means. When Bob passed there was standing room only at his funeral. I don’t think in life Bob ever realized the impact he made on people. It meant a lot to me as I’m sure it will mean to Roberts wife Lynne.
So I end this with saying, try not to have regrets, keep up with friends and family. Don’t wait til a funeral to let folks know what they mean to you. I never do New Year resolutions, but this I think is doable and important enough to make.